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  • punkineater ·
    Oh duh! You shouldn't have any problems selling your Halloween stash~wish we
    lived closer...shipping $ ends up a bummer.
    kyhauntfreak ·
    I use 3 inflatables in my display every yer. Now bear in mind nothing as grand as a 20 footer but they do serve there purpose. Hope you post a pic , or you may have. I havent been on in a few days due to the wonderful schedule at work.
    Pumpkinhead625 ·
    I noticed your post on the "Maryland Home Haunters" group about a possible make-and-take. I was contacted by someone from Kensington MD (through the "Garage Of Evil" website) who is forming a local home haunters group. So far 10-20 people have expressed an interest in this workshop. Our first meeting will be Saturday, September 13th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at his home in Kensington.

    This first workshop will be meeting everyone, some discussion about what the group will focus on, and then a tombstone make-and-take (or you can bring a different project if you like). Let me know if you'd be interested in participating, and I'll send you details.

    slash ·
    hey good luck on that swamp witch I know she came out from Spirit in 2008 and was $250 for a static prop thats alot but I guess it was because she was all latex, I am looking at the one on ebay and thats close to 300 not including shipping I am watching the auction let me know if you win good luck.
    I was never deaf enough for the deaf world and not deaf enough for the hearing world either. but thats that and I really do not care what they thought.... I me and me is pretty mouthy. heheheheh
    i went to public school all my life with no help. Soo use to it that it never occurs to me get help at Marshall/Mountwest when a couple of teachers arrange something for me to have help with. But I mostly grew up talking and did English SL then met my husband whom is deaf and I still have a hard time trying to do ASL.
    My sister and I are hearing impaired with high pitch loss, 6 years ago I went cochlear implant because I was tried of defending myself and had no communcation with my boy who is hearing. I do ot regret the choice at all. MY sister and I went to Mountwest in Huntington wv she is the president of the ASL and I am more like the first sister. hahaha
    scourge ·
    Thank you! I work very hard to make some of the most detailed replicas on the market. You made my year.
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