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  • Halloweenfan ·
    I'm going to wait a bit to see what I do. The price goes up because of shipping, and if I can just pick it up somewhere around me, and if I think it could be a little cheaper, or I get lucky Menards actually has it again. I'll keep that seller in mind though. Thanks for letting me know.
    Forum User ·
    I noticed you are a blow mold collector too! I love them and cant stop collecting. Your post said you were looking for the green eyed ghost and I wanted to let you know in the for sale section Blufrog is selling her blow molds and she has one. I bought two shipments from her The Skeleton with the top hat and Bela Lugosi so she is good to work with.

    I also have your pumpkin Trick or Treater and he as hard to find.
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