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  • HalloweenBob ·
    Sorry, I never answered that question about the tophats. I got them from an online partystore. I don't remember what one exactly. They were on ebay. They are just plastic molded hats. They came in a box of 10 or 12 for a few dollars.
    soundmankkc ·
    HB, just a question, where did you get the top hats for your quartet? I tried picking one up from spirit and it was miles too big. Any help would be appreciated. Keith
    Julianne ·
    Hey HalloweenBob, been checking out your webpage, WOW! you are amazing!
    My husband and I are from Weathersfield,VT, been doing our yard haunt for about 15 yrs now.
    We love seeing what other people do for haunts in the area but it gets tough being able to break away from our own show.
    Glad to see a fellow vermonter here on the forum :)
    Happy Haunting!
    beatlerat ·
    The fun never stops. I don't think Vixen is going to be a good choice for my singing group. Everything works, it just that the movements are so jerky.

    HalloweenBob ·
    Sorry beatlerat, I don't check here often and didn't notice your question until now.

    If this is still unresolved, please send me a PM. I get an email notice on those and see them right away.

    beatlerat ·
    May I ask you a couple of questions on your 3 axis skulls?
    How did you get the 3/16" screw at the end of the 3/8" bolt to fit through the #2 hole in the small servo connectors? Did you replace he 10-32 Rod End with something else? I am having trouble piecing this together and looks as though I may have prematurely bought the wrong parts.
    Before you answer, I realize you have gone to a different design.

    DId you end up using larger servo connectors than the 2-56 ones? What about the 10-32 Rod end, did you go to a bigger size? I am ready to start cutting parts and am on a really tight budget. I can't afford to waste 40.00 like I did on the 4 Rod ends I already bought. Help me wit the rod end and servo connectors and I will take it from there. Thanks.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    HalloweenBob ·
    Hey Wandererrob, Yes, and it's busier this year! Thanks for stopping by. I am still hoping to get down there for that wire. Maybe at the end of August. Keep in touch.

    Obviously, I don't check here for messages too often!

    And Doc, I will have a bunch of new videos in about a month to put up.

    Keep an eye out.

    HalloweenBob ·

    To answer your question, Yes, and No. The original idea for having a "Quartet" sing that particular song came from another member here named MikeC.

    I am the one who designed the now commonly used 3 axis movement with the plexi plate and did the 3 axis quartet version that you see referenced in the huge thread.
    markk96 ·
    Hey I have been reading your 3 Axis thread, and what servos do you use? I am building one of these, but sadly it wont be ready until next year. I am trying to come up with a parts list.

    RBC ·
    This guy looks alot like me today ..lol
    Hugs to ALL my friends I'm feeling much better. Hope to catch you in Chat
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