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  1. Picture thread for the big reaper 2016

    General Halloween
    Hello guys!!!!!! Here are my photos of the amazing things my secret reaper got meeeeeeeeeeee!!! They are perfect!!!!! Thank you Giggle Fairy!!!!!!!! I appreciate everything!!!! Hope you see this post!! Hope you also have a spooky October and Halloween!!!!!!!!
  2. Sign up and discussion thread for Big Reaper 2016

    General Halloween
    Woooooo!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. What did you find/buy today?

    General Halloween
    I found neat Halloween items that will fit into my collection! I'm excited about the door rugs, the skeleton jar collection well everything really :) Then I also filmed a haul too!
  4. 2016 Gordmans Decor!!! Video included!

    General Halloween
    I went back to Gordmans, they don't have all their Halloween out yet but I found a few more things! I can't wait until they have everything out! Here is a link to a video I did for my haul I know some like to see it in video to see more of the product and then vice versa, so here is a few of...
  5. I'm obsessed with Halloween, very new to forums

    Member Introduction
    Can't wait to see what you found Kitty!!!!
  6. Adult Party - 7th Year

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi! Do you give any prizes for the tif? We didn't play last year but have at every other one of our parties! When does the mystery box come into play? Do you have t he set up some where or do you take the box around also? Thanks!
  7. Sign up and discussion thread for Big Reaper 2016

    General Halloween
    Scream queen, hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your beloved best friend passing away. I lost my mother to cancer a few months back and am just trying to bury myself in other things. I know you don't know who I am but know I'm sending you strength and well thoughts. Take care of yourself as that...
  8. 2016 Halloween Mdse Sightings in Stores

    General Halloween
    I love the fish aquarium decor!!! Ours had halloween dog toys out! I'm excited to see their collars this year too! I have seen a few pictures and they appear to be more festive! Thank you for sharing!!
  9. Big Lots 2016

    General Halloween
    The wolf is a great piece to add I think! I'm debating getting two....I don't need two... What about the horse that everyone has been getting?! How cool is that??!
  10. Big Lots 2016

    General Halloween
    HI there!!!! Thank you! I'm always changing things as I have been purchasing more this Halloween season! LOL
  11. Big Lots 2016

    General Halloween
    Hey Paul, I am just messing with mine and after the story the lights in the house (the windows) stay lighted but then a bit after it's either sound or motion activated to where the story starts again. Mine is kinda touchy.
  12. Sea Witches Tea and Skeleton Mermaid

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Oh wow! What a neat idea!! Loved the pictures!!!! What a beautiful theme!!! Hope you had a special day!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  13. Lighting: So now Spirit is copying the PVC candles!

    Halloween Props
    Wow Hilda!! That is pretty neat but you are right a gift card would have been nice :) That's crazy with the mileage
  14. Adult Party - 7th Year

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I love this idea!!! Who needs pokemon?! LOL
  15. Any help! Supernatural Theme!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My fav show!!!! What a fun party this will be!! I have thought about doing a room at our party! I'm loving all of these ideas!