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  • Gym Whourlfeld ·
    Looks like a LEPER-con!---- Halloween Lady!
    My ex is not Irish at all in the least(South america plus Eastern europeon familys) but she once saw a short, little man wearing a glowing green business suit in this house, (This house is haunted, many, many things of such a nature have happened here to many people.)
    It was just getting dark, late afternoon, she woke because her dog stirred and looked at the bedroom door which was opening by itself, The little man I just described walked in looked at them, turned , walked out!??
    She said he was only maybe less than 3 feet tall.
    Could I make this up?
    Happy Leper-day!
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    I happened to get quite a truckload of stuff from the Bank getting remodeled. 2 big parking lot lights I aimed one of them at the side of the house with the pteradactyl. Some plumbing items, powered speakers, like new(Never used them, I haunt with ambient sound here= more scary InMyOpinoin.)
    beavervw ·
    Thanks for the comment :) Molding from a Banks remodeling.. that sounds awesome! We have a couple of old banks here and the wood working is freaking amazing! They definitely do not make them how they use to!
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    Half-way decent weather has arrived in Mount Carroll, illinois! which means... time to get back to work, working on a whole lot of stuff. (I couldn't justify turning on expensive electricity and gas just so I could tinker & phart around) freezing off fingertips, hard to "dress" them warmly and still be able to do anything.
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    The bloody face reminds me of when my wife and I were arguing, not paying attention to our small son, he came into the room grinning with blood all over his mouth, he had been using my antique razor to shave with! Horrorific vision for any parent, but he felt no pain (sharp blade, I guess?)
    ajbanz ·
    I've been coming across some of your posts. I LOVE your sense of humor!!!!! You tickle my funnybone. Thanks
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    We have had some haunt tourists this week, maybe some more around this holiday? (College kids?) If not, I might get an entire hallway ceiling ripped out (and replaced?)
    thank you!
    Guest ·
    '..but was the paint Really sick to start with?
    False cures follow imaginary illnesses. '

    you are hilarious!! LOL
    The Pod ·
    Gym, I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful tour of Raven's Grin this past Saturday. It was an enjoyable weekend and you made the tour much more exciting. You have some fabulous creations that you've created over the years. Keep up the good work.
    lucky13 ·
    Oh that would traumatize me and I would be very upset at that local institution. I dislike the feeling of having to live behind locked doors. Currently we have a man abducting women close by so it's locked doors and very wary when the kids play outside (we've had awful things happen locally, fortunately nothing personally).

    Luckily we don't have a mental institution close by, but now I have one more thing that "it's could be" it's nice to be mentally prepared ... LOL. Love the freaky story, just hate how they freak me out. :)
    Gym Whourlfeld ·
    Off to New York!? Last night I had several groups come through the house that were Very complimentary, one of them was a woman from New York who was lavish with her praise, she had been here before and she ended by saying "I wish you and your house was in New York!"
    I simply took it as a compliment to the show I orchestrate here, we all had alot of fun!
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