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  • HauntedDiva ·
    Thinking about my Boney Bunch collection today, just wanted to send you another "thank you" for being an awesome secret reaper last year. :)
    Tannasgach ·
    Growler, I was intrigued by your ideas for your Hansel and Gretal Witch's Hut for next year. I'll be doing Scary Tales in '12 and was thinking of making the outside like a candy cottage hexed by a witch. Lollipops with creepy vines, gumdrops with moss, candy canes painted to look like snakes, etc. As you come up with ideas can you please post them so I can pick your brains? :)
    Deadview ·
    They also have the 5o%off code for purchases by one get the second one half price. When you check out tell them to enter the code "B1G1SPH". It works.
    chop shop ·
    Hi. If you meant the skulls I did a tutorial on,..I hadn't really thought about it. Those are just for fun and kinda fragile. I can make them in latex as well. Were you thinking maybe like 1, or a like a dozen?
    Im glad you like them either way! If your a crafty type, you could make a bunch for next to nothing all by yourself...those molds (decorations) should be back up for sale around Halloween at Spirit or similar stores.
    JustWhisper ·
    Funny thing, I came across those orange spiders yesterday in Lowes. What a coincidence. Yep, there is nothing more gratifying than recycling old props or pieces, like your sheet. I always try to reuse everything. I will be anxiously waiting to see what you make this year.
    tranzlusent ·
    You're in Plymouth???? I went to Wayzata High School....the new one, lol. Class of '01. How is Plymouth these days?? Cool coincidence seeing you on here. By chance, is that Howie G's Signature Steakhouse, near the Rainbow foods by the highschool still up and running?? Think it was on the 5, (or was it the 55???, been a while)
    JustWhisper ·
    Hi, I was looking for new ideas to add to my spider scene this year. I came across your pics and you made some really great spiders. Do you remember where you bought those black and orange spiders? They are the perfect size for what I need. I love your egg sacs too.
    BeaconSamurai ·
    I must have removed them, sorry. I'm changing them this year. I'm having Pumpkin head come out of the ground and as he does the other will be "smashing the pumpkin onto his head. I have them on Flicker for sure though.
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