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    Wow, that is so neat! I enjoyed looking at your album! You should work as a Disney Imagineer - your work is so ingenuitive. I especially love your mermaid! I suppose I will find some sort of busts to start the ghosts with, and then perhaps I might bother you for a few more tips? I've never done any kind of making of props, but I'm excited to start something for this Halloween. Thanks for your help!

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    Hello :)
    I did finish the busts...here's my Youtube video.
    YouTube - ‪Grim Grinning Ghost Busts‬‏

    Here are some photos of the busts in various stages. I used mostly paper mache.

    You could use Styrofoam wig heads to project onto.
    You'll need an LCD projector hooked up to a DVD player + the video of the GGG.
    You can get the video off Youtube.
    Hope that helps :)
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