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  • GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey gr8johnson! I posted this in your thread about reindeer motors, but then I figured you were likely looking for more subtle things like the Ouija board, and I didn't want to send the thread in the wrong direction...

    This is pretty silly, but I did this peeper with a reindeer motor...

    And I'm hesitant to show this because I'm fully expecting him to just burn out - we only had him on for a few hours last year and he survived, but he's done with one reindeer motor and some counter-weights based on a bad version of HeresJohnny's design. (File this under "Darn lucky he works at all!") Definitely needs some finessing.

    doto ·
    I checked out some of your photobucket videos. You've got a lot of great work.The fence tutorial looks like it would be easily reproduced. Wonderful job.
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