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  1. Halloween dollhouse build

    Halloween Crafts
    Nice. Moving right along! Soon you will be decorating. You might find it helpful to go ahead and start priming the walls before you get it all put together. Easier to do that while you still have some walls missing. Multiple thin coats instead of a heavy coat is good for the thinner walls...
  2. HomeDepot -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Was able to grab 2 skeletons at my local HD. They still had about a dozen left, but not in my budget this year cause I just had to buy a car. BLAH!!
  3. Halloween dollhouse build

    Halloween Crafts
    Happy to help. :-) I thought you might like her videos. You had mentioned there were missing parts and she does a lot with "non kit" parts and expansions so it should be really helpful. I have heard the DuraCraft kits can be a challenge to put together, but looks like you are doing fantastic!
  4. Halloween dollhouse build

    Halloween Crafts
    There is a great person on YouTube that I watch who is doing a complete Addams Family house and she has some wonderful how-to videos! Might look her up. Her channel is called Bentley House Minis
  5. Halloween dollhouse build

    Halloween Crafts
    So much fun! I'm such a big fan of minis and halloween, but I have never done a halloween related mini or dollhouse. Closest I came was a couple trick or treat dolls and a witch. Can't wait to see this progress.
  6. Headless Horseman i built last year

    Halloween Props
    Looks great!
  7. Spider's nest wreath

    Halloween Crafts
    That looks great! I love that.
  8. How to attach skeletons to house?

    Halloween Props
    Ok....now I want Batman and Robin skeletons climbing the side of my house. Oh, you are such an instigator!
  9. Static: Mausoleum facade

    Halloween Props
  10. Static: My First Cauldron!

    Halloween Props
    Looks really good! Like the cauldron aging.
  11. Prop Showcase: My Halloween candle holders

    Halloween Props
    WOW! Did you make those? Those are amazing.
  12. i have no idea what i'm doing

    Halloween Crafts
    Really looking good. I have a bunch of those skulls and some a bit smaller and was wanting an idea of what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)
  13. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep 2012(In Progress)

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    WOW! Looks amazing. Great job.
  14. Other New Crafts - traveling and need ideas

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    That is a tough question. You say you are on the road, but do you fly any or is it all driving? Just wondering if there are any flying restrictions to worry about. Also, what do you like to do? What kind of crafts have you done in the past?
  15. Prop Showcase: Fred the zombie

    Halloween Props
    WOW!! Not sure angry is the word for him. He is really ticked off! LOL Great job. That would scare the pee out of me if I walked up on him. :o