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  • Mrs.Spooky ·
    Sorry to hear about all the surgery going on in your family,That's tough. Your post made me laugh so hard I thought you would be a great first friend to add :) Hope all goes well, see you back here soon!
    bamtunebam ·
    Thank you for the kind comments on my mad scientist props. The prop you were looking at will be added to the few I made last year. You should look at my 2013 album to get a better understanding of my layout. The new prop has built-in sound effects and a controller to flash lights to match the sounds and fog. It was a lot of work, but I'm happy with it.
    bethene ·
    hi, just wanted you to know there will be a second reaper shortly, it is a bit smaller, but still fun, keep a eye out for it, if you want to join us! :)
    hallorenescene ·
    oh, I see you did leave the message on my page too. okay, strike my comment. ohh, you said boo. there was another dear member who always said boo. she has been missing from the forum for awhile. I tried to call her and face book her a couple of times, but to no avail. well, I have a feeling you are as sweet as her. seems all good people say boo. I'm glad we are to be friends.
    GiggleingGhost ·
    Thanks hallorenscene . . . I will soon. I've got to dig out the photos from a recovery disc after my old computer crashed. Stupid sprites!!! Lol.
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