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  • ooojen ·
    I haven't seen any forum activity from you for a while, and since you've mentioned some health issues, it leaves me concerned. I hope that all is well and that it's fun things that have kept you away. Thinking about you!
    frogkid11 ·
    Oh congrats on the upcoming birth!! Do you have pictures of your parties since you've been doing this theme? I'd love to see them or page through your albums if you have some.

    I love those little cups, too. I couldn't believe it when I found so many still in the package at Goodwill. Wish you good luck in finding some while on your hunting.
    IshWitch ·
    Apparently now, according to our son, my sister hasn't been taking her medicine. But she had been off of them for awhile before Mom got sick so I don't know, but guess she says she can't afford them. I sure know she is overly sensitive and easily angry. We had a sort of nice visit when we were there on the 2nd-4th to pick up my stuff I wanted. I had wanted to be up there longer to help her more with clearing out the houses but we just couldn't afford to take anymore time off. As it is the cost of the rental truck and gas has hit us hard. Hoping I can get 2 more days of work this week, that will get stuff back on track. Hope you're feeling much better and that things are getting straightened out.
    kathy2008 ·
    Hi GiggleFairy! Wanted to share my Kashmir with you! I like dogs, but cats are my favorite! Her breed, the Bengal is bred from an Asian Leopard cat and domestic short hair. She's the first pure bred I've ever had and wow is she different! She plays fetch with her toys (only when she's "in the mood" of course! ha) like your Esme' mine chatters at the birds, meows in answer to my various questions, she also likes leaf lettuce & eats it out of my hand! She MUST be exercised twice a day, running full-tilt through the house and up her cat tree. I can definitely see her wild side when we play with a DAbird toy she will actually growl at me with the bird in her mouth and stalk away with the toy and the long stick dragging along behind her. Presumably to eat her meal in peace! LOL
    Want to post a pic and can't seem to. Will try PM next! :D
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