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  1. Oh.my.

    General Halloween
    Ah yes, I second this motion. No I think it would be kind of exciting to have the ability to education them on the holiday. In fact I think it would be fun --- Don't talk to much about it and then take them to the biggest and baddest Haunted attraction around and let them experience the thrill...
  2. Lighting: My house caught on fire.

    Halloween Props
    WOW, that's awesome and very creative --- Just wondering how many firefighter calls you will get///lol
  3. Special Effects Artist New to Halloween Forum!

    Member Introduction
    Welcome to the forum---> Looks like you have some skill------> hopefully you can provide some good make up tips for all the haunters here.
  4. Is this an orb?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Real Orbs are unique ----- They provide their own light, but when you use flash it's hard to tell and most of the time all you are getting are dust, mites, bugs, and reflections....
  5. Weather affecting 2011 Halloween

    General Halloween
    WOW, that sucks----Hopefully they will have enough time to clean up the mess left over and start working on the scare for this Halloween.....The weather has really sucked this year as far as floods and tornadoes. Hope they get it done...Looks like a really cool haunt...
  6. just ordered Ghoulish Goodies book

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I haven't heard of it either. Let us know what you think about it. Fresh Meat Screams seems to have had some success with it, but try it out and maybe but a review about in the review section.
  7. Haunted Places of Arizona (awesome new website)

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Cool, thanks for letting us know. I always wanted to visit Arizona at least once in my life, maybe this will lead me to finally do it. Nice Site!!
  8. American Idol Mansion --- Haunted??

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Yeah I seen something about that the other day at: http://www.ghostlytrue.com/posts.php?recordID=american-idol-move-out-haunted-mansion This actually isn't the first time, other contestants on other shows have reportedly had the same things happen. However, I too think it's publicity and...
  9. I was bored this morning

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Sweet, pretty cool. I like it
  10. Zombie Hunter

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Zombies should be a hot costume this year and you countering that with a zombie hunter just seems right. Nice choice, let us know how it goes...
  11. Hello from SC

    Member Introduction
    Excellent!!!! Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will enjoy this one, there isn't one online like it. Plenty of haunters here with brilliant ideas, always willing to help, and come up with some of the best haunts in the world. This forum rocks and I'm glad that you joined to enjoy the valuable...
  12. Does anyone else watch "Ghost Hunters"?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    So what did you guys think about the show last night. They dropped the camera crew on the second half of the show and just had the cameras attached to the shoulder of all the crew while they investigate the ship. The camera crew has already been one thing that I don't like about ghost...
  13. Yeah, its haunted-- no big deal.

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    LOL, I found that story pretty amusing. Love the "Well at least the Ghost didn't leave any beer cans around" almost fell off my chair...as far as the ceiling, may it was a spider pig...directly from Homer Simpson!!!!
  14. Scariest/Best Horror movies ever?

    Horror Discussion
    Amityville was my personal favorite, as a kid this movie terrified me for days, I slept in front of my parents room on the floor after watching this movie scared the heck out of me at the time. I tried to sleep in my own bed, but only lasted a few minutes....my all time scariest movie. The...
  15. Another Zombie themed tv show on the way

    Horror Discussion
    I got hooked on the walking dead for some reason. The only problem here I'm still waiting for the next season....WHY do they have such a long delay in between seasons....The show hooked me. I'm not surprised by this but I'm not sure it will be a hit, because the walking dead already captured...