Ghost of Spookie's Album: 2019 Dino theme
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2019 Dino theme

Hope to pull this one off this year. Combination of dinosaur museum with skeleton dinosaurs, "live" dinosaurs in captivity and park enclosure, pterodactyl nursery, lab
  1. ElectricFence TRex Containment. Plan is to turn the french door area into a containment pen facade with the T-Rex projection running inside the house...
  2. ElectricFence. If I want to create a wider post base for the fence could use the 8x8x16 concrete blocks. One vertical board at each end with...
  3. ElectricFence. 8x8x8 in. cement block from HomeDepot. Interior dimension 5x5 inches. 17 lbs for the post base. Cheap, 1.60 each.
  4. ElectricFence. Plastic push-in rivets for foamboard "rivets". Just for looks.
  5. ElectricFence signage.
  6. ElectricFence signage.
  7. Park signage. Banner designed through Shindigz website.
  8. Park signage. Entrance.
  9. ElectricFence. Very quick sketch of Electrified Fence idea.
  10. ElectricFence. Sample of cotton clothesline from HomeDepot.
  11. ElectricFence. LED flashing cone light. Uses 2 AAA batteries. Ordered off ebay. On, flash, brighter flash, steady on, off.
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