Frankie's Girl's Album: Lucky 13 Carnival Extras (2016)
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Lucky 13 Carnival Extras (2016)

The carnival will return in 2017, but this year was more of a low key affair with no real display. These are a few of the items I've acquired for the eventual return.
  1. Secret Reaper 2016 
Thanks so much to Kenneth! He really went above and beyond my expectations - I am SOOOOO thrilled with everything!  
  2. Close up of the amazing hand from my 2016 Secret Reaper made by Kenneth.
  3. 2016 Secret Reaper clown stuff. <3
  4. Persephone clowning around
  5. Our new mannequin, Persephone. She's an classic model with real glass eyes, colored an interesting shade of green, and comes complete with some aged...
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