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  1. Show Off Your Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My Brother...
  2. Other: Foam Cutters

    Halloween Props
    I just use an old guitar string (high E) stretched it between 2 points and add power supply. Negative to one end and positive to the other
  3. Static: Show me your coffin display

    Halloween Props
    How's this...
  4. Foam Boarded-Up Windows

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    My windows...
  5. Halloween Help: projector?

    Halloween Props
    If you are going to buy a "used" projector, consider the cost of a replacement bulb. Chances are it's going to need one and they can be expensive.
  6. The Official Halloween Trick-or-treaters Head Count

    General Halloween
    720 + 720... Just to be different, I pass out juice box's. My budget is $100 ,for that I got 15 cases of 48 and ran out .
  7. Styrofoam Sheets

    Halloween Props
    Check your local appliance store... some times they throw out the foam packing... it may not be full sheets but you could end up with some odd shapes
  8. Prop Showcase: pint sized pvc grave ghoul

    Halloween Props
    GREAT INVENTION , Put my name on the list for a set of those joints, make that several sets.
  9. Static: Blucky Spider Version 2.0

    Halloween Props
    Now That's Scary ! Nice job.
  10. How many TOT's do you expect this year?

    General Halloween
    Just to be different, I pass out juice box's. Last year I bought 15 cases @ 48 per case = 720 and still ran out.
  11. Static: Vurderlak- 1st finished prop

    Halloween Props
    Nice work.
  12. Mechanical: prop. motors

    Halloween Props
    For those of you going to your local scrap yard for wiper motors, don't forget to pick up some power window motors and or power seat motors they have lots of torque and are very small.
  13. Scored Something Magnificent-Craigslist

    General Halloween
    Everything happens for reason. It was meant to be. congrats on a great find.
  14. Gravestone stakes

    General Halloween
    if you can get your hands on some milk crates, paint them black and just use some Zip-Ties to attach the stones to them, if you put the crate open side up you can add weight to them or just use old tent stakes through the bottom.