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  1. Static: Black-light Paint Question?

    Halloween Props
    I used an airbrush so the spray was consistent. But the paint has to be thinned out so it takes a few passes.
  2. Static: Black-light Paint Question?

    Halloween Props
    A couple years ago I used several 48" fluorescent black lights from ADJ to light our haunt, and I airbrushed several props with fluorescent paint from Createx. I also used some Krylon fluorescent paint on the walls to spray cob webbing. The props really popped with the Createx but the Krylon...
  3. Mechanical: Jump Scare Props without Pneumatic Air

    Halloween Props
    We ran multiple pneumatic props one year and the best jump scares we had were from a drop window and the Fright Props flash cracker. This thing is loud and startling. We used it at the final scene as you exited our garage haunt, and this one woman went running out spilling her wine all over...
  4. Fake zombie news articles?

    Halloween Crafts
    I can't help on the news articles, but you should run some of these zombie news broadcasts and alerts. I had used the audio for one of these a few years ago...way cool IMO.
  5. Electronic/Software: Source for spare motion detectors for props?

    Halloween Props
    jabbusch...no worries. We're all here to help.
  6. Electronic/Software: Source for spare motion detectors for props?

    Halloween Props
    Actually he needs a photocell and not a PIR sensor. From Adafruit: Photo Cell Good overview on how a PIR sensor works here. The photocell's impedance will change based on light directed at it versus the PIR sensor's changes based on the detected change in IR light.
  7. Static: Pose & Stay Skeletons $45 at Spirit

    Halloween Props
    FWIW, the ones I've got in the past from Costco were $38'ish and of better quality IMO. Of course timing of getting them when in stock is key cause they typically go quickly.
  8. Pneumatic: An alternative to using pneumatics

    Halloween Props
    Folks, Thought I'd share this site I came across where the creator is using stepper motors for linear action. This might be a good alternative to using the wiper motor or even pneumatics. I know my compressor can barely keep up and I hate having to run air lines everywhere...
  9. Static: Scary Clown Face Entrance

    Halloween Props
    Nice job...received my vote.
  10. Pneumatic: Finished my Elevator Simulator

    Halloween Props
    Absolutely incredible.
  11. Pneumatic: air compressor question

    Halloween Props
    Yes, I had noticed that, but thought that with the extra air capacity I could get more cycles with the props and longer gaps between having the compressor spin up to replenish the minimum PSI.
  12. Pneumatic: air compressor question

    Halloween Props
    I've run 3 simple pneumatic props the last few years that all used a single, 12" dual-action cylinder each. And my compressor is practically running non-stop. This will of course depend on the traffic you have, but we would hit periods of time where there would be a constant flow of people...
  13. Electronic/Software: fourbanger prop controller help

    Halloween Props
    My bad, just re-read and see where he said he couldn't hear them.
  14. Electronic/Software: fourbanger prop controller help

    Halloween Props
    For sure like j-man said, drive the relays from the power supply and not the uno, but it sounds like you're already doing that if you're hearing the relays open and close. You didn't clarify which prop you're trying to trigger and how? I suspect if you're using a regular store bought prop and...
  15. 4 Button Learning Prop Controller

    For Sale By Merchants
    Can't say enough about these controllers and the support you'll get from scubaspook. I've got 3 seasons on my controllers and they're still working just fine.