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  1. How to build a Creeper!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Great tutorial. Love your creepers
  2. Static: Krampus!

    Halloween Props
    very scary! I think even my kids would behave
  3. Static: Paint advice

    Halloween Props
    Thank you so much that's pretty much what I was after
  4. Static: Paint advice

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. This is probably a stupid question but some prop tutorials I have seen have listed latex paint as a requirement. I am not sure what this is. I live in Uk so maybe it is called something else over here? Could anyone recommend a type of paint if its not against the rules? Thanks
  5. Hogfather! Who's seen it?

    General Halloween
    Brilliant film. Very clever the way he can take everyday things and make you think about them differently. Wish they would do the witch books too!
  6. Distorted Nightmares

    General Halloween
    Brilliant walkthrough. Very creepy. Loved the website too
  7. Weathered skeleton

    General Halloween
    looks really good almost like its been bbqed
  8. Papercraft Possessed Pumpkins!

    Halloween Crafts
    They look horrible. I love them!
  9. Other little tikes playhouse make over Halloween style

    Halloween Crafts
    That is such a good idea. We have a tatty old one thats too scruffy even to give away. Very dark:)
  10. How to Make a MONSTER! My Frankenstein's Monster Inspired Candy Dispenser. PT. 1

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Such a lot of work and very clear pictures. Thanks for sharing. He looks wonderful. I cant wait to meet his "friends"
  11. Lighting: My pvc candle attempt

    Halloween Props
    Class candles. And childproof! I am still trying to get wax out of the rug:D
  12. Our Indoor Decor ~ Withering Heights Inn (New for 2015)

    General Halloween
    Your house looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Did you buy all the signs or make them yourself?
  13. The Haunting at Bell Hall: Video and Night Pics

    General Halloween
    your yard looks fantastic> Thanks for sharing. How did you get the rippling light effect on the Betsy Bell ghost?
  14. Any interest in a beginners paper mache course?

    General Halloween
    Do you think you could use clean fine sawdust instead of cellulose insulation? I cant find the cellulose locally but my uncle is a carpenter. They are both a type of cellulose aren't they? thanks
  15. What is the scariest thing EVER!?

    Horror Discussion
    I saw Pinhead from Hellraiser when I was about 15. I slept with light on for weeks