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  • Pumpkin5 ·
    :) Did you have a "how to" posted on your Pumpkin Sentinels? I saw them on Pinterest and they are just amazing!
    Lowretta ·
    Love your stuff!! Like Bella, I found you through Pinterest. Do you have any how-to's or tutorials posted on any of your work? My husband has decided we HAVE to build the pumpkins ghouls. ;) Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!
    Sinister Sid ·
    Just had to stop by to see if you had any new awesome props??? I'm sure your working on something. Post pics on what ever you are working on.
    kingschaff ·
    yes i am of course.. doing a few things.. I loved your pillars, so i am working on a set of them.. i also am currently working on doing a fog curtain out of pvc.. trying to paint and set up some guages to make it look like old rusty pipes..how about yourself.. also, you are the first person i have seen on here make a coffin/casket cooler.. wicked.. i have not finished mine yet but i wanted to line the inside with stainless steel and a drain so you can fill it.. i love your work.. thanks for the message
    buckaneerbabe ·
    Thanks for posting the close-ups of your chandlers. They are simply beautiful! Also do you have a on line source for the metal scrolls you used? I'm also looking for a place to have something else custom made.
    guitaristssweetheart ·
    I'm still in planning mode and your masterpieces sure inspired me! Last year I built columns, a cemetery arch and cemetery fence. I want to make "mini" columns to go along with my cemetery fence. It's hard to get everything in order and figure out what I need at this point. We're moving to a new house in May. I'm sure the neighbors are going to think we're nuts when Halloween rolls around! lol
    buckaneerbabe ·
    I'm so in love with your chand! Can you tell me what you used for the center? It looks like it could be a plastic flower pot embellished. And the arms, are these shelf brackets? I really would like to try to make one similar to your design next year.
    soni ·
    You are welcome!! Right now I am not working on any props :( I have lots of ideas, not a lot of time :( So how about you??
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