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  • DynomiteDaniel ·
    This will be the 2nd year of our actual haunt.

    I have been obsessed with Halloween ever since I can remember. This all started because 3 years ago my daughters decided,on Halloween day, they were to old for dad to go trick or treating with. Fine I said...... so I got everything out of the living room and put it in the front yard and sprayed it with blood. Next I found a belly shirt I got as a gag gift, dragon wings I had in the closet that I had forgotten about, one lonely strobe light and my favorite Slayer CD and it was on!!!! I would open the door when the doorbell rang and jump out and pour blood down my hairy belly. I knew I was hooked for ever when I looked out of the corner glass and saw a few teenagers standing at the door. It just so happened that Rain in Blood, one of my favorite songs, was starting to play so I cranked it up as loud as it would go. Grabbing the handle, I ripped the door open and screamed as loud as I could. There were 7 little 1st and 2nd grader kids right there and they all went down like bowling pins!!!!! at first I laughed so hard that I peed just a little. From there on in, I have not looked back and never intend to either. My haunt will continue to get bigger every year because Halloween does not get it's fair shake and I intend to do everything I can to help it. So far this year I am a few thousand dollars lighter but 10 times happier than I was last year.
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