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  1. With what device do you play your sound for your yard haunt?

    Halloween Music
    I use cheap little cd boomboxes I find at thrift stores.
  2. Turn a Security Light into a sound activated prop tripper-any hints?

    maybe your socket adapter is not screwed in all the way or maybe the adapter is bad
  3. How do you decorate the outside of your actual *house* for Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Thanks guys, that's just one half of my yard, the other side has scarecrows, reapers, ghosts, skellies, and a vampire in a coffin up front.
  4. How do you decorate the outside of your actual *house* for Halloween?

    General Halloween
    Tried to use the spiders and webs to tie the house into the yard last year
  5. Spooky's new stone

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    looks great!
  6. Are your neighbors stepping up?

    General Halloween
    My neighbors across the street made a giant sign that says boo and blinks on and off. They said we inspired them to put something up. Yay! Spreading the Halloween gospel!
  7. Burning Coals for my Corpse on a spit.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    very cool, or hot, I guess
  8. Static: Carl the Corpse

    Halloween Props
    thanks a lot guys!
  9. Static: Carl the Corpse

    Halloween Props
    I started with an Aged Oak Minwax gel stain. It was good for texture and had a nice look, but I thought it was too one dimensional, so I broke out the acrylics. Started dry brushing with a sickly green, then a tan, then an off white. Then I decided he was too gray, so I put on some dark...
  10. 99 more days!

    General Halloween
    exactly, and probably sooner in the house.
  11. Static: Carl the Corpse

    Halloween Props
    Finished this corpse skelly last weekend. He started as a red devil half skelly from Target's closeout sale last year. I used the heated plastic method and started out with gel stain, then switched to acrylics. I don't think it's too bad for my first attempt, but I think I can improve next time.
  12. 99 more days!

    General Halloween
    I should have posted this yesterday, but I'm excited that I finally get to use my countdown calendar I bought this winter.
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Cloth for Spider Webs?

    Halloween Props
    It's beef netting, widely available online
  14. Static: New prop

    Halloween Props
    very nice, beautiful and creepy!
  15. Prop Showcase: 2014 Brainstorming & Ideas

    Halloween Props
    My Lord, Whose giant scarecrow is that? That must be 40' tall!