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About Dreadmakr
I was once an active member of the BEAM Robotics group on Yahoo. . But activity there has dropped off greatly, so now I only go there once in a while.
For those unfamiliar with BEAM, it stands for
Biology: For inspiration,
Electronics: Mixed Analog/Digital circuits that mimic simplified neurons. Microcontrollers are generally not used.
Aesthetics: To encourage duplication, and hopefully improvement by others,
Mechanics: Small, simple, and typically under-actuated.
I used the handle 'Droidmakr' back when then group was still pretty active. I even had a Geocities website called 'Droimaker's Workshop' for a while, that I used to share mechanisms, circuits and robots that I designed and built. I was also a major contributor to the BEAM wiki before the site owner took it down. I guess he could no longer justify the cost of keeping it going. Or maybe he just became bored with it. Very sad really. But at least I still have copies of most of what I posted there.
And with that background it seemed to me that 'Dreadmakr' would be a good handle to use when sharing with, and learning from, other Halloween haunters.
My wife and I enjoy decorating the house for the various holidays. For Halloween we generally use a large mutant spider theme around our primary entrance. Other Halloween creatures are used around other parts of the house and yard. We try to add a little something new every year to our display. The neighborhood kids seem to really get a kick out of the creepiness of it all. My wife says it even creeps her out when she get home from work and has to walk by it all. Our display is not as big or fancy as those created by some haunters. But one year, we did received a certificate of recognition, from the Village of Maywood where we live.
I enjoy using BEAM like techniques and old school control methods to trigger, control and manipulate various lights, mechanism and props. I am not opposed the using microcontrollers, but I prefer the challenge of doing things this way.
I hope to learn and be able to share lots of good things as part of this forum.
Happy Halloween all.
Maywood Illionis
BEAM/Analog robots, and old school control circuits.
Electronics technician. I maintain the Clever Devices system on the CTA busses


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