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  • talkingcatblues ·
    Between the Halloween shows I've missed and all this year's music I have yet to listen to I think I can spin it out a little longer. Plus seeing everyone's post-Hall pictures! Just ran out and got some last-minute candy, so if I don't get a ton of ToTers I will have snacks for movies. :)
    talkingcatblues ·
    Jason from Scar Stuff = Secretly Jerry Bryan? ;)

    It does seem like a good way to find other mixes, looking up a song that's used a bit less often than most.
    Dinosaur1972 ·
    I found "Vampire Daddy" in 3 other compilations last night ... they've all got the wind and stuff. So Jason at Scar Stuff must have been the ONLY GUY IN THE WORLD TO HAVE THAT 45. Oh well - it's going in as it is. I've got 4 and 5 ready now. It has been fun poking around for these songs ... I have run across some other fun blogs posting good stuff.
    talkingcatblues ·
    Checked and I have the same two copies as you for that song. They or the YT version might be cleanable though. There's a fun cover version on Spotify by "Them Wranch," too.
    talkingcatblues ·
    Hey, no - I had never heard of those compilations before. I will look and see if I have that song, although I probably have the sound effects versions too. Maybe they're editable? I'll check tonight, anyway.

    Just listened to the record version on YouTube which is nice except for maybe a little much snap, crackle and pop.
    Dinosaur1972 ·
    Thanks, tcb! I will hit you up for stuff that I cannot find. I've got Volumes 1-3 complete now, but from Volume 4 I'm looking for Jerry Bryan - Vampire Daddy. I have 2 versions ... one from Scar Stuff, so it has wind at the beginning, and the other from SAP who also has assorted sound effects at the beginning. I was hoping for a cleaner version. I know I'm missing a few tracks from later ones too, but this is the first one I ran across.

    Did you ever have those compilations? I presume he just had track after track and didn't do any fancy-pants mixing of the tracks, so I figured I'd stick with the non-fancy-pants method as well.
    talkingcatblues ·
    Hi -

    Saw you're going to try and remake those compilations - I am guessing you probably have everything I have and more, but if you get stuck on any song in particular let me know and I will check if I have it just in case.
    Charl ·
    Hi There I am scouring the internet for the Hymns From the House of Horror Vol. II and also vol 1 and vol 3 . I was wondering if you could help me with A download link as it seems to have disappeared completely off the internet . If you can help thank you if you cant well thanks for reading.
    mrpetkus ·
    I was searching for William Conrad's "Spirits and Spooks ..." and came across your blog entry. I listened to all these records when I was a kid. Thank you so much for bringing them back!
    The Archivist ·
    Let me be the first to post in your Vistor Section!! :) So, I'm assuming that you like dinosaurs, which one is your favorite? Mine is the hadrosaur.
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