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  1. Hello from South Florida.

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    It’s always the Saturday before.. 26th this year.. next year Halloween is on a Saturday so we are debating if we do that Saturday or the one prior, likely the one prior. We will keep you in the loop. Grew up in west Boca, so quite familiar with the area ;) Augies pizza is the best.. lol
  2. Hello from South Florida.

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    We are in Delray Beach, if you are local you are more than welcome to come next year. It’s always a great time with tons of smoked brisket, kegs, full bar, arcade machine, and of course haunt stuff.. goal is to build a virtual ride this year.. more to come 😈
  3. Hello from South Florida.

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    Yes! We actually serve it at the bottom of this prop that we made, as if it spilled out or was carved off and left for people to eat. We cover the table with plastic and lay it all out. This picture is just before we moved the cornbread and collards to put the meat out. the body was originally a...
  4. Hello from South Florida.

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    A long time lurker and recent signup. We have been throwing large (50-120) person Halloween parties at our house for about 6 years now and keep upping the Halloween game each year. The scare props always get people to come, but the 50+ lbs of smoked brisket and kegs etc are the other half of the...

    General Halloween
    The day after our Halloween party is when we start planning for next year.