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  1. Fall Food Sightings Thread

    General Halloween
    I am VERY excited for this fall food season to begin. I'm loving the summer food but fall food is more than food. It's an emotion. I really can't wait for the house to smell of roast pumpkin and the seeds.
  2. Monsanto Cellars Home Haunt Video

    General Halloween
    Thank you guys so much for the compliments! Not yet sure what we're doing this year but the corn idea is a great one! I'll get to break out the box of crows!
  3. Other: Pressure-sensitive Alarm Mat

    Halloween Props
    There are some great timers from Velleman. They might work depending on what siren you're using. factrat, I've made a couple pressure mats with metal tape and cardboard and they've worked great for years. I'm really pleased with them. I use the HF ones more often though since we do get wet every...
  4. What did you learn from your 2013 setup?

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    Tools and boxes... that is REALLY important to one's sanity! :)
  5. What did you learn from your 2013 setup?

    General Halloween
    1. Put out a tip jar. 2. I can never have enough amps, pneumatic valves, sound-to-light boards, and triggerable sound players. 3. I can never have enough speaker wire and connectors. 4. I can never have enough time. Here's how it all came out: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200857258899118
  6. Monsanto Cellars Home Haunt Video

    General Halloween
    THANK YOU! The loose story behind the haunt is that anti-GMO protesters raided the place and so it's been vandalized and turned into a kind of unsuccessful religous shrine. Humans and insects that live in the factory have eaten the plants, drank the juice, or "processed food products" and...
  7. seeking inexpensive audio amp

    Halloween Music
    Sorry for the late reply but in addition to thrift stores I buy new amps on Amazon. I get the Pyle ones. This model is the one I like best because it has bass/treble, RCA inputs, and great power: http://www.amazon.com/Pyle-PCA2-2X40-Watt-Stereo-Amplifier/dp/B001P2VV50
  8. Monsanto Cellars Home Haunt Video

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, long time no post! I've been away for a couple years and so this year we wanted a unique idea for our haunt. So a friend suggested Monsanto (the GMO evil food corporation). Here's how it turned out: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200857258899118 mr.smith
  9. Atmosphere Effects: Sound: Great Little Mini Pyle Amplifiers

    Halloween Props
    I thought you guys might be interested in these compact audio amplifiers. I've purchased several at all available wattages and they perform GREAT for haunts and they're inexpensive for home haunters. The 75w version has treble and bass adjustments too. Just plug in any audio input and any...
  10. Pneumatic: What is the best way to overcome that loud hiss from pneumatics and servo noise

    Halloween Props
    I use a short length of exhaust hose away from the scene and put a "clown nose" (or any small bit of foam or fabric) on the end. It's nearly silent.
  11. Fog: Fog machine "tune up" and maintenance

    Halloween Props
    Is'nt "fog juice" just glycerine? Glycerine is water-soluable and it's non-toxic (and is used in many foods). I have a fog machine that was exposed to water and it caused the pump/motor to clog up. I am not sure how to dilute it yet since water isn't working.
  12. Static: Need help please... for a simple window prop

    Halloween Props
    creeepycathy is right. The best thing about chicken wire is that it can be stretched even after you build what you want. Just like any fabric, once you have the piece you need, it can be stretched out LARGER than what it was originally cut for. This is a great way to make shoulders from a...
  13. Other: Creative Prop Builders, I need to pick your brains...

    Halloween Props
    Those would make great jail bars that an actor could bend with "super strength"
  14. Static: cheapest skulls?

    Halloween Props
    I find them at Walmart every year for about $4.50. I always buy a few. Can never have too many!
  15. Most Popular Yard Haunt Themes

    General Halloween
    What are the most popular yard haunt themes?