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  • The Halloween Lady ·
    Heeeey stranger, how the heck are you guys??? So nice to hear from you. How was your Halloween? Did the house sell?
    My Halloween about killed me this year. I bit off waaaay to much and I think my hubbies party has grown out of control. It's become a monster with a life of it's own.
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey Buddie, I think we have both been a little MIA as of late. How did you survive your honeys trip abroad? It sounded like a great trip!!! I have been out of town a couple times packing and moving college my two kid kids crap home for the summer and trying to get everything done for my high school senior. Also my hubby is having major job issues. Hopefully all will settle down soon. So... what did you pre-order???????
    norwayreaper ·
    Hello Demon Dog

    Lol Thanks for the Christmas wish ! That'll make one think twice about looking up the chimney !!!!!!
    It would be bad enough to get bird crap in your eye, but to look up the chimney, and get Mr. Hanky the Xmas poo in your eye, well that would send you right to the Nut House..... :eek: :rolleyes: :D

    Thanks again, and I hope that you and your family has a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year.....
    creeeepycathy ·
    Hey! Thank you for the pic comments. :) You're too kind. My shepherd turned 14 years old last month. :)
    All is good here. Hubby is in Japan. Was supposed to be home today, but they're having technical difficulties. Now, he's scheduled to be back on the 23rd. (mental note- check calender to see what day that is, and what today is, so I can pick him up at airport. :D) Kiddo should be coming home in the next 2-3 days. I had to promise not to cook and take her out every night for supper until her dad returns. :D She needs to hurry home. I'm bored and need someone to play with. LOL And when I'm bored, I get into trouble. :D
    I hope you and Gromit have a very Merry Christmas and healthy, Happy New Year!! :) Hugs to you both. :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    I know what you mean about seeing everyones activity. Personally it kind of creeps me out. I am so sorry that everyone at your house caught the crud over the holiday. That really puts a damper on festivities. Tell gromit I hope she feels better soon! You know I have never asked you how old your kids are? We have twin 19 1/2 year old daughters and a seventeen year old son.
    estertota ·
    Focus was really curious about the cat:p he was sniffing it, barking on it and wagging his tail.
    By the way thanks for belated birthday wishes:).
    Spookilicious mama ·
    HEY There Demon Dog!! Yes Im alive LOL thought some days barely :) Im up at 5am every day at work by 6:30. some days I don't get out of the class til 7pm by the time I get home get some stuff ready for work for the next day the night has come and gone LOL. I have to say though I am loving every single minute of it!
    How have you been? doing any Christmas display stuff? I wanna see! I have the best class ever and I love them to pieces. Gotto go off to get ready for work. Having a big solutions and mixtures science project where the kids will be able to eat their project after ,,,lord help me I foresee a huge mess and lot of fifth graders bouncing off the walls, but hey Im going to hand them off to mom and dad at 3:15 then they are their problem LOL. HAve a wonderful Thankgiving :)
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