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  • matrixmom ·
    Defen...anything you do always turns out spectacular.....now no pressure there.....:D I was contemplating an all pumpkin thing next year too. But the fam wants clowns and freakshow. I never really liked that theme, seems to difficult for the small space I work in.
    Defenestrator ·

    Those cards actually have a funny backstory....with the move, and all of the associated rushing around, I'd decided I was going to do store bought cards for the exchange.

    We bought some nice cards, and when we got home from the store, the EXACT same card had been sent to us. Suddenly, I needed a concept for a card!

    Luckily, I'd written a little poem around the 'Skeleton Jamboree' concept for the house/yard, and that became the inside of the card. Then, the image was something that I found that was basically a silhouette of the costume I'd come up with for the year.

    Add a little Haunted Mansion inspired damask paper to the front of a black-framed greeting card, and all of a sudden, we had a card! We added some twine nooses, and origami bats, plust a little personal touch with our skeletal violinist custom stamps, and we ended up pretty happy with them. :)

    Pumpkin5 ·
    :DYour comment was duly noted.....thanks for that...;)
    I got in over my head on this build...Halstaff and Bobzilla and Pat are out of my league...but a nicer group of guys you'll never meet. They were splendid.:)
    The Red Hallows ·
    Thank you for the card. We love the Spider Cut out and nbc is big in our house. My son thought it was a snowflake. :) I think others may be getting your cards and not realizing it's from you if they don't go back through their list. It took me a second to connect your family name with Defenestrator, so maybe that is what others are not noticing, too. Thank you again.
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