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  1. ToT numbers, let's have them

    General Halloween
    165, our new person best, up 40 from last year. Had enough treat bags for 200, so I'll probably do the same amount next year. Very happy with the turn out.
  2. What do you say when you answer the door?

    General Halloween
    No TOTers here yet but it is before 5pm. I'm dressed as Beetlejuice and I'm trying to think of something fun to say when I answer the door. I get a mix of younger kids and older but I get a lot of teenagers later in the night so I like to have something creepy to say to them too. Last year I was...
  3. Candy brand, candy count, treat bags...what are you specifically handing out? šŸŽƒ

    General Halloween
    200 treat bags, 100 for younger kids and 100 for older kids. All have a full size candy bar, either Snickers or Twix, Fun Dip, Airheads, 2 Zotz, stretchy skeleton, glow in the dark bouncy ball, younger kids have different stickers and temporary tattoos than older kids and the treat bags are more...
  4. How many TOTs do you get?

    General Halloween
    We got 60-something the first year, around 100 the second and 120 last year. This year our weather forecast is clear which is lucky here (western Washington) so we made 200 treat bags. We set up our yard early and run the lights every night so I think that helps some.
  5. What would you do?

    General Halloween
    You could always tell them someone was in the shower, they don't know how many bathrooms you have/ how many people are there. I probably would if it was a kid, but I live with three other people and feel safer because of that. If I was by myself I would be more uneasy about it.
  6. Halloween Party Etiquette

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    That's really sad to me that these people are ruining having a party for you. I don't think your feeling about it are unreasonable. Fortunately most of my party poopers that I am obligated to invite don't show up. If focusing more on your haunt instead of the party would make you happier then...
  7. Let's See Your Front Yard

    General Halloween
    125 TOTers this year, our personal best! Cemetery fence, coffins, and wolfman are all new additions this year.
  8. 2018 Trick or Treators count

    General Halloween
    125, our personal best, up from 110 last year. I ran out of treat bags and had to switch to regular candy/ left over toys from making the bags. It rained but not too hard, the way the weather was forecasted I was afraid I was going to get stuck with a bunch of bags and instead I ran out. I'm...
  9. Jason VS Freddy

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Wow, super great photos!
  10. Halloween Party 2018

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    How did you parties turn out? Ours was Saturday and it poured down rain. Our turn out wasn't what we hoped with 9 of our "Yeses" not showing up and none of our 11 maybes. So we planned for turn out in the mid twenties including us and ended up with 14. But it's not the first year we have had a...
  11. HomeDepot 2018

    General Halloween
    Does the Gargantuan Spider ever go on sale? I want it but $250 is a bit steep for me, especially since I already have a giant homemade ABS spider which makes it harder to justify. Edit: Never mind, I just went back to the beginning of the thread and see it was on sale for a good price in the...
  12. Other: Spider eggs/sacks

    Halloween Props
    @Kwll2112 Can you share your technique for attaching spiders to the ceiling? I'm doing a spider area and have a lot of dollar tree ones on the walls with poster putty but I want to get some bigger ones up too. I love how all of yours turned out, I think they look especially creepy on the ceiling.
  13. OK- Who Here Is Having THE Nightmare?

    General Halloween
    I had the dream three times already this year, once in the spring and twice in the summer. One of the dreams it was the day before my annual party and nothing was set up so I was frantically trying to get everything in place, another one people were arriving and I had hardly any decorations up...
  14. You know you're a haunter if.............

    General Halloween
    You know you are a haunter if.... Someone slows down to ask you if you are selling coffins because you have two propped against the garage door...and it's still summer.
  15. Costume Contest Voting for Self

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've never had a problem with this, my problem is more getting people to vote in the first place...I think most people are mature enough to recognize that voting for ones self is lame, but even if a few people do it I don't really see what the harm is. I guess if they truly think their costume...