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  • athenswitch ·
    Hey Davy, or should I say Great Pumpkin? I recently found this forum and noticed an old post from you around 2015 regarding Hallmark's cassette tape that contained the 1979 Dracula theme. In the post you said you had a burnt copy of it. I have been searching forever for this cassette and was wondering if you could possibly burn me a copy, of course I would pay for it. This cassette seems to have fallen off the face of the planet. I had a cassette but left in in the player and lost both in a move.

    Thanks for your help
    SliderX ·
    Hey Dave... yup its me the one the only international man of mystery SliderX. I came accross ur post, its glad to know ur still keeping track of what were doing. Yes i am still there leading the new generation of sliders. The event is awesome we have 2 shows a night and the tricks we can pull off are on the pro skater level. Weve done it man weve created the sickest group of sliders in the world. I got guys doing things we never thought possible, get at me man Mooney_do @ Yahoo would be good to hear from u.

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