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  • Hilda ·
    Whew! I'm not as bonkers as I thought then... LOL It was you! :)
    Oh no hurry at all. I am just daydreaming about finally making the backyard haunt a reality and I'm writing down ideas. I won't get to it this year as I have to finish all the unfinished inside stuff I have half finished round here. LOL I would love to add a skelly on a swing.
    I thought it was you. So now I know whose brain to pick when it comes time. :D
    Although, I'll bet I am not the only one who would love a tutorial if you are so kindly inclined. :D
    Thank you for your response. I'm keeping the haunted swing on the top of my Wish List.
    Hilda ·
    Hello there! Hoping you enjoyed your holidays.
    It's another year, and time again to dream the haunt dreams... LOL I think I must be hallucinating, but did you ever do an animated skelly on a swing? I looked through your threads, but did not see one to that effect.
    I could be mistaken.
    Well, thanks! Hope you are doing well my dear. :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey you, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I've just about totally finished doing the mad Halloween clean up but have now entered full on Thanksgiving cook mode. I've already been at it for days but tomorrow will be the big hoorah.
    Do you have anything planned? I hope whatever it is it turns out to be a nice holiday! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Oh... Thanks for the really nice comments you left on my Voodoo thread. :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Ohhhhhhh my.... This is exciting!! I'm like a kid at Christmas!!!! I just don't know. Um... um...um....
    Im thinking maybe a picture? What do you think is best?

    BTW - you got everything put away?!?!?!? Omg I am soooo jealous! Ugghhh, I probably have about another weeks worth of work. If you get the chance take a look at my thread on this years haunt. Voodoo on the Bayou.
    This one about killed me.
    slash ·
    thanks so much for the Ouija board it was a big hit this year everyone loved it. The board went well with Esmeralda fortune teller.
    DowMasterFlash ·
    Hello, I just seen your post of your Teeter-Totter and love it! We are making a playground themed section this year and would love to get the specs on how to make this. I am looking forward to your reply.

    The Halloween Lady ·
    Hey you, I just revisited your moviving eyes tut. Oh my how I LOVE that!!!!!! You might remember from our past talks that I am soooooo darn tech challenged that I really don't think I could tackle this. Although it doesn't really fit into this years plans, maybe after the busy holiday season I might attempt it. (But I know I'll need your help every step of the way) If however I am unable to figure this out, maybe if I ask REALLY REALLY nicely I might be able to talk you into making one for me. (Provided I can afford you!) Lol
    Give it some thought and mull over what you might charge and let me know. No hurry. ;) :)
    The Halloween Lady ·
    Thanks so much. Although I would love to make one I simply have no affinity for robotics! I so wish I did because there are sooo many things I would love to make but as soon as someone starts explaining tech stuff to me my eyes glaze over and my mind goes blank! I just can't grasp it.
    Dang you techie people!!!! ;) :D
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