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  1. Show Off Your Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
  2. This new forum/owner?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Is there a dark color scheme version of the forums to choose?
  3. Show Off Your Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    sdf I'm ready. :cool:
  4. What is your costume this year?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Same as last year.
  5. What are YOU going to be ?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Costume came together nicely. :)
  6. 2015 Halloween Countdown

    General Halloween
  7. What are YOU going to be ?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I go as Freddy Krueger every year. :)
  8. Hello! Freddy Krueger enthusiast from Virginia, USA

    Member Introduction
    Hey gang, been here a while bit but never introduced myself. I'm a big Freddy Krueger enthusiast from Virginia, USA. These forums are great, so much information and people to share ideas with. Thanks for having me. :)
  9. Your best "unexpected" Halloween songs?

    Halloween Music
    Without a doubt, the entire Sleepy Hollow (1999) Soundtrack. It's super ghostly and eerie. One of the best. :D
  10. Non-slutty female costume ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I thought the fun of Halloween was women could dress up as slutty as they want and have a valid excuse and not have to care? :)
  11. Halloween 2015 UK

    General Halloween
    I wish I could go to a UK Halloween convention. The seem really fun. One of these days.... :)
  12. Oak Lane Cemetery 2015

    General Halloween
    Wow, that's a really nice setup! :)
  13. What did you find/buy today?

    General Halloween
    Avenger Freddy Krueger Glove! I got a new Avenger Glove with P210 replica blades for my Freddy Krueger costume! TMNT protecting my valuables. :)
  14. Other: Miniature Freddy Krueger Glove!

    Halloween Props
    I posted a video today of a miniature version of the Freddy Krueger glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Hope you enjoy! :D
  15. Other: "Furnace Freak" Freddy Krueger Glove

    Halloween Props
    This is a metal knife glove I had made for my Freddy Krueger costume. It's not modeled after any particular screen used glove, but still looks pretty sweet. :D