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  • Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Doing pretty good, thanks! It has been too long, I've slacked off long enough, lol! I need to come up with something new for this year. Your haunt looked great!!! Bet the kids loved it. So you guys doing ok?
    punkineater ·
    Hello Curlgoddess,
    Your haunt pics were great, lighting, everything! Are those stained glass windows on your house or did you make those for the haunt? I'm stealing your ideas with the wings too~they are perfect.
    How lucky you are to live in such a great place!!! New Orleans is on our travel bucket list. When is the best time of year, weather-wise, to visit? In between the hurricanes, heat + humidity, etc. We live where there's lots of heat but no humidity~like only 10% or less. Visited son #1 in OKC in July one year...the humidity & general crazy weather just about killed us.
    punkineater :D
    GhostTown ·

    If you go through this thread: http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/122130-ghosttown-halloween-2012-a.html

    This is the best pic of it:

    The stage (big rock looking thing) that the witches are standing on in the pics was made from chicken wire, glue soaked cheese cloth over that, and then smearing expanding spray foam (great stuff) over that. I don't have any build pics of that up on the web anywhere, but it really is as simple as it sounds.

    We mixed elmers glue and water into a bucket, dipped the cloth to soak it, then wrung it out, then draped it over the chicken wire. Worked great.
    Pumpkin Butcher ·
    Hey Curl! Hope you guys made it through the bad weather unscathed!?
    Guess you can tell I've not been around much lately, but I'm finally getting in the spirit........ About time, I haven't done anything to speak of. Lazy I guess! Your Facebook page is great! I'm getting ready to set up a page for the wood shop, I know a few people that stir up quite a bit of work from it.
    We probably won't see Disney for a few years...... :( Oh well......... Heck, next time might be with grandkids.... :confused: I sure hope it not that far off! Disney, not the grandkids, that can wait!!!!!!
    So it sounds like you and Donnie may have to share the same space! My idea of a man cave has a few monsters involved, so that would be cool with me........... :D
    Hope we can all get together again too, it would be a lot of fun! :cool:
    Take care.
    Sinister Sid ·
    I am just starting to gear up for some prop making. I need to clean out and straighten up my garage before I can really do anything. I hope to get the garage cleaned up later this week. Then I think I am going to redo my fences for my haunt this year. I am growing tired of my old fence. I also need to make a new scarecrow pumpkinrot style head to replace the one that got damaged from a huge rainstorm the day before halloween last year. And I have a few other things I want to make this year. I still have some styrofoam left over from the pumpkin hearse build I did last year. I think I am going to make a couple of evil tiki heads out of the left over styrofoam. What about you??? What do you have planned for this year??
    TheCostumer ·
    Hi Curlgoddess!

    Doing quite well, hope you are too!

    I have some more before and after photos coming. Though it would be nice to show me both in and out of costume.

    Take care and have a great week!

    Terra ·
    Thank you very much :) Yes, I wear a mask all the time because that stuff bugs my lungs and finally found a mask that is comfortable to wear and doesn't fog up my glasses (got it at Lowe's). Though it ruins my hair style and makeup. After every carving session I sweep up the floor and place the remains in the garbage bag. I ended up with 7 or so full garbage bags from the waste. I always keep a bucket of the snow to use as filler or add bulk to mm projects but the rest just gets thrown out. Hope that helps :)
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