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    Next year's planning started about the second week of October when I was in a time crunch on some things that didn't make the cut this year. I'll take a break through the holidays (minus picking up some choice pieces of lighting around Xmas) so as to avoid total burnout but I have a list going...
  2. The Spiderwolf

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Killer! Love it.
  3. Share photos of your outdoor decorations 🎃

    General Halloween
    We had so much fun in our new neighborhood getting to meet everyone! The kids loved the decorations and the smaller ones weren't too spooked so we were happy for that. Most of our immediate neighbors had their lights off but we still got a fair amount of Tots considering they had to make a...
  4. Share photos of your outdoor decorations 🎃

    General Halloween
    That's a great idea about contacting the city to address the issue. Luckily that bedroom window is covered by the tree itself, not just it's leaves, and has light blocking curtains. The crime in the area has actually spiked recently which is a disappointment as we just bought the house. So the...
  5. Share photos of your outdoor decorations 🎃

    General Halloween
    That is some serious early season snow! Is that an FCG I see in on the mausoleum there? What a fantastic idea! We have a large front window in our living room I'm making plans for putting one in next year but I have to say the tomb is rather inspiring!
  6. Rain on Halloween?

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    A lot of rain in our forecast for the next couple days but as of now The Big Day is clear. Here's to hoping it stays that way. I'm sorry to hear so many of you will be experiencing such dismal weather this year. I really don't know how so much bad weather is all over right now, especially the...
  7. My Short Halloween 2019

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    That is a fantastic setup. You'll figure out a workaround before next year and it will be killer. I thought maybe it was just Oklahoma but it sounds like the weather is pretty hellacious all over this year.
  8. Skeleton Horse carriage!!

    Halloween Props
    This is incredible. What a fantastic idea and so well executed!
  9. Harry Potter Archway over Driveway

    Halloween Props
    Very cool build, hopefully it didn't suffer too much damage in the fall. The wind has been crazy here in Oklahoma too, I'm hoping for a calm night come Thursday.
  10. November 1 I will be buying...

    General Halloween
    My local Home Depot went 50% off this morning! I finally caught it this year and took full advantage.