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    And no, he wasnt too talkative, too bad, coulda been entertaining...but he's also in a rock band so I may have woken him up or something, although he DID know I was calling. Oh well, the dvds are coming none the less right?
    LMAO!! Thanks Jackie! You guys are the best! That was very thoughtful! And I'm on it!! Mission accepted! :) I smell a rotted corpse being born! LOL
    Jackielantern ·
    Seriously, your welcome for the present. Not much, just a little something to let you know your thought of.

    I figured you would know based on the contents. When I told John I didn't sign the card he asked why. I responded, he'll know....not many people would get the carpet latex.

    Now snap to it!! ;) I want to see pics of what you use that latex for. :D
    Spookilicious mama ·
    Hey Crog, just stopped by to check out your album. Great pics Crog. I really like the idea of a live portrait. May have to steal that Idea for my own haunt this year:) You dont mind do you? Anyway looks like you showed your friends a fantastic time.
    Spookyboo ·
    Hello and awesome party pics I really love the picture frame over the fire place idea it was very clever!!! Cant wait to see what you do for 2008
    Jackielantern ·
    Happy Monday to ya! Did you have a good birthday? What did ya do?

    Your so very welcome on the birthday wish. :) My birthday is still coming up. On the 9th actually.

    Oh yeah! I remember him. How do you plan on reworking him? Sally will get a few coats of mache and sealed with spar. Then I plan on sewing a black dress for her. It's a little overkill on the forming of the body but I wanted to practice on something so that if it didn't turn out it would still be covered by the dress. Thanks for the compliments. :)

    When it comes to radio your damn right I'm shy. lol I'm scared I'll stutter or somethin. I'll pm you my number.
    Jackielantern ·
    I've kept my ears open here at work on some recycled wood, but I haven't come up with anything for you yet. Although I'm a little out of the loop in that dept.

    I totally dig cheap! Right there with you on that one. lol Which prop is Bub? Is he the huge guy that was outside? John still talks about him.

    Ooo, I'll listen for your John interview. I still listen to ya in the am. :D Here I thought I might surprise you remembering your b-day and when I turned your show on this am you were talking about it. Oh well. (I remembered it since it's so close to my b-day.)

    You think I should have one? That would be cool! Sounds perfectly ok to me. :eek: :D I'll even call in if you want. (I've been meaning to, but been a little shy about it :rolleyes:)

    Sally's frame is done, and almost all of her first coat of mache. You can see a pic of her in my album in my profile. Maybe I'll get back to her this weekend.
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