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  • The Red Hallows ·
    Hehe.... I did reap Lisa. I left a clue in some random thread, not sure if she found it or not. But, I'm off your list now... I did enjoy having fun with you though... did you figure it out yet? ;)
    chef ·
    Awesome! I love Disneyland in October - December. Great set of photos too. We seem to have similar props, ie bride/groom figures, lenticulars, and I love your spells book.

    Happy Haunting 2011!
    Forum User ·
    Actually after further inspection it was lisa that I think was reaped by Red Hallows since I think shes near Tacoma...hmmm did TK421 participate? He is from Mill Creek. Mabye check my member list on my page in North West Haunters that can help narrow it down if they are a member.

    I know my Reapee got their gift and loved it but they never posted pics...ah well no worries.
    Forum User ·
    I wish I was your Reaper but unfortunatly it was not me....my money was on RCIAG as I noticed a ccomment about shipping a blow mold recently...although someone else said while shopping for their reaper they themselves kept some blow molds Red Hallows said that I think. Didnt you recieve a pumpkin one? HMMMMMMM
    Misdomt ·
    Thanks!! I will do that. I bought some pre-made lables for this years Halloween party / haunt but I'm not just content with changing the label of something.
    Witchful Thinking ·
    Thanks for your comment on my picture! I got her at Michaels two years ago but saw her around even last year so I am sure there are some still floating around. She is made of resin.
    Kymmm ·
    Thank you for the pic comment. I am honored to have my potion shelf in your inspiration album. :) I see the bust on the cover of your album and she is awesome! I'm going to go take a peek! Thanks again! :)
    Pumpkinhead625 ·
    Hi Creepy. I saw your post about the dollar tree crows. I'm planning on buying a box, but I can't afford to do so until July 22nd. When I get them (if they're still available) I'd be glad to send you 20. Let me know if you're interested.
    Kymmm ·
    Hi there! We are trying to keep the Pay It Forward idea alive and noticed that you had joined in on the fun a while back. The problem is Snigglez (who was running the thread) hasn't been on the forum in a while so we don't have access to any of the addresses. :( If you are still interested in being a part of the group, could you please befriend the new "member" we set up (payitforward surpise) and PM your address to it also? We would LOVE to hear from you!!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    The coluring was perfect. I thought maybe you had smooched coffee hounds into him.

    We have to take our Mummy apart as we're really short on storage, so his two-by-four body breaks down and gets stored in a little pile in the garage and his "clothes" get stored in a bin in the house.

    I really should stitch or glue up something we can just slide on and off instead of wrapping, but I'd rather spend time on new stuff. Maybe after Halloween. (I say that every year!)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    $3.25 is a total steal for that mummy!

    It's always the happy accidents that make me feel the best too. The stuff I really have to work at always leaves me kinda frustrated.

    How long did it take you to wrap him up? We've got a mummy (we found an old Universal mummy mask for cheap and built a body for it.) and we need to wrap and unwrap him each year for storage. It takes forever!!!! That's "The Mummy's Curse" right there! :rolleyes:

    Here's hoping his cardboard stays crispy through Halloween! (Is he an indoor Mummy, or an outdoor Mummy?)
    Kymmm ·
    I think it is very funny that your kitty climbs the mummy!!
    They covered everything but the eyes on the male version. I like him but it gets tough trying to think of ways to incorporate him sometimes. :)
    Kymmm ·
    Hi there!! Thanks for the picture comment on my bride. Yes, I pieced her together. She is actually a dress form (you know, used for sewing) a wedding dress and a Donna the dead type hanging, moaning, head.. lol I was going to use the dress for a Beloved tombstone but ran out of energy and never got to it soooooo... this is what I ended up with for this year. Your right though, she WOULD look good holding a grooms head! Hmmmm... maybe next year!! lol
    Dollylinn ·
    Thank You! I thought it was you, it was sitting on my step when I came home from work. Thank You! I will work out great in vampire room, I will have to light up some of potions this year. Everything is great!
    My victim got her box yesterday also, so it worked out well. The waiting is over now I can finally get back to work and get more done.
    Thanks again
    Linda (Dollylinn)
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