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  1. Static: Wall of Wonder

    Halloween Props
    This looks really good! Please post a video, if possible of the completed prop working.
  2. Mechanical: Jack in the box crank mechanism??

    Halloween Props
    Let's see a video of this bad boy in action!
  3. Electronic/Software: Audio/Video delay issues

    Halloween Props
    The cable won't have that big an impact on the sync. If the sound is THAT off that's it is visibly noticeable, there's something else going on. Perhaps some sort of buffering issue with the player, maybe?
  4. Electronic/Software: Singing Busts help

    Halloween Props
    Yeah, you'd need to do some video editing/masking work. Not impossible... but not a quick 5 minute job, either. The last few frames at the very end of the sequence could be used.
  5. Mechanical: My first real moving prop(I don't really count my FCG) A Cauldron Creep.

    Halloween Props
    Yes, drop the stir speed a little and you're golden!
  6. Electronic/Software: Aduino malfunctions when power is applied to relays

    Halloween Props
    Make sure you have diodes across your relays. Otherwise, the back EMF from the coils will do all sorts of nasty things to your circuits... unwanted behavior.
  7. Mechanical: Building a Spring Bridge (like at Spirit)

    Halloween Props
    You might want to see what we built several years ago. and Might give you some ideas.
  8. Electronic/Software: How to park a motor with an Arduino?

    Halloween Props
    You definitely do NOT need an H-Bridge. I've got TWO tutorials: and Those should provide lots of information.
  9. Prop Showcase: First time building a pirate treasure chest from pallet wood

    Halloween Props
    That is really outstanding! We built a treasure chest years ago with similar construction, but a bit smaller. I've always been kicking myself for not figuring out how to put avast (see what I did there?) amount of treasure inside. You've inspired me! Great idea using the great stuff to...
  10. Working with PC Power Supplies - Part 2

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey, gang!* I've just finished up a short how-to video dealing with the newer BTX-style PC power supplies. They are a little bit of a different beast and so I thought this would be useful. Check it out!
  11. Mechanical: Wiper Motor -- from repeating to on/off motion (without relays?)

    Halloween Props
    Yes, the park mode is what you want. I did a tutorial on this a little while ago. Check it out!
  12. Singing bust first attempt

    Halloween Props
    Who's the character in the middle? I don't recognize him from the HM. Looks CG'd.
  13. Prop Showcase: WIP: Squawkers remake for Pirate Yarrrd 2016

    Halloween Props
    J-Man, please keep me posted!
  14. Prop Showcase: WIP: Squawkers remake for Pirate Yarrrd 2016

    Halloween Props
    That's it! I'm getting one of these birds and hacking it. I just HAVE to have one now. It would raise our pirate display to the next level. The information in this thread is AWESOME and the videos have totally inspired me. If I remember, I'll document the whole things (pics/video) so...