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  1. 36" dolls

    Halloween Props
    I am really wanting to make a zombie doll/creepy doll but I am having some difficulty finding a good doll to start with. I would like to get a 36" doll but I keep coming across ones that are either all fabric or ones that are not at all even close to being realistic, like HUGE painted eyes and...
  2. Spider wrapped man

    Halloween Props
    This may or may not happen for Halloween 2020, but I figure I should start doing the research anyway. I have zero experience in animating props, but I know given some plan, I could probably do it. Anyway, I had this idea of doing a huge spider on my roof and then have a man hanging from the...
  3. My first corpsing

    Halloween Props
    I totally plan to make one of these eventually, using the samemethod, but I think if I saw this lying out in the woods somewhere, Id probably believe it was a real corps so for that I say well done. Like others have said though, I would totally add some corpsing to the skull. Other than that...
  4. Halloween Humor

    General Halloween
    This is my first post other than my introduction. I have spent a TON of time seeing all of the great work you guys do here. I have a million ideas and can't wait to get started, but it'll all be baby steps of course. Any way, I was curious if any of you incorporate something humorous into you...