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  1. Make your own eviltron?

    For those who may not know, thinkgeek.com had a device called the eviltron. Small unit that would play eerie sounds at random. It had a magnet so you could put it anywhere. Have not been able to find them, but wondered if anyone knew how to, or where to find instructions on making something...
  2. Looking for a wireless trigger for prop.

    Halloween Props
    I see that I would need to connect a 12v power supply. Ever try to just use a battery such as a A23 to power it? I would think it could power a small circuit just fine. The issue is that the prop will be moving, so it cannot be tied to a plug in power source. Even a larger battery pack would be...
  3. Looking for a wireless trigger for prop.

    Halloween Props
    Looking for a quick way to trigger a prop. Has to be wireless. It is a prop from Spirit, and it only activates by pressing a button. I am looking for an off the shelf means to trigger it. A remote switch that triggers a relay, rather than the momentary switch that is built in.
  4. Looking for prank ideas

    General Halloween
    My brother in law's family has come to expect some shenanigans from me this time of year. I am looking for some good prank ideas for their house. I would love to put up a silhouette shower curtain, but do not want to spend the $40+ on one. Anyone have an idea how to make a nice looking...
  5. Mechanical: Flailing head

    Halloween Props
    Looking for ideas. In the process of searching, I found the article on Dave Lowe's hanging head. I am currently in the process of making something similar. I wanted a nasty bag (decided on burlap after reading the blog) with something dripping, but I want to make it flail about somewhat. I am...
  6. Mechanical: Door closer

    Halloween Props
    Working on setting up someone. For the past few years, my nephew has had friends over for Halloween, and his father wants to scare them next year. I have some ideas. First thing I need to figure out is how to take a door that they normally leave open, and make it slam shut. The door can only...
  7. Static: Corpse for next year

    Halloween Props
    I would like to make/buy a corpse for use next year. Not sure how to make it, but it would need to be able to withstand a drop in a noose, or other circumstances. I can build something basic, but not sure how to attach everything to make it secure. Here is a skull I did. The only parts left...
  8. Static: small mannequins

    Halloween Props
    or something similar is what I am looking for. My idea is for a Halloween prank on someone. (please, no lectures on should I, or is it smart, or a good idea, this is what we do to each other) Anyhow, my thought is to get something that is 3d, meaning not just a cutout, and place them in their...
  9. Fog: Fog machine relay question.

    Halloween Props
    Depending on what you are using for automation (I am using some X10 stuff), I created a remote to replace the factory one. Using a Radio Shack project box, I mounted a momentary switch so I could generate fog at will, then I just used a 12v relay. I connect a power converter to it (used the 1/8"...
  10. Lighting: Trick lightbulbs

    Halloween Props
    The only problem is that I am not using lamps, but light fixtures that are wired inside the walls. I need a simple plug and play solution.
  11. Lighting: Making Fluorescent light flicker?

    Halloween Props
    The fluorescent starters, do they produce random flashes, or fairly well timed ones?
  12. Lighting: Trick lightbulbs

    Halloween Props
    I am looking for some trick light bulbs that will act as if they are shorting out. Not looking for candle flicker, but that act like you see in horror movies. Randomly flashing off and on. Regular bulbs are fine, as are compact fluorescent.