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  • TK421 ·
    The computer program I use is an older program that I just became attached to over the years. It's called "Freehand" and, sadly, it isn't available anymore. It was a Macromedia product, but when Adobe bought them out, they dumped Freehand and went with their own version, called Illustrator. Illustrator is a good program and will do all of the same stuff, but I'm still really happy with my Freehand MX.
    TK421 ·
    As for the skellies, I'm a big fan of the bluckies. I get mine from Oriental Trading. I find they have the best construction, durability, and aging. I can get them wholesale for around $12 a pop.
    TK421 ·
    The build took about a month. I first dug about two feet down and then laid out all the pipe. The pipe is continous, but I do have two valve boxes with 2" pipe openings for two foggers to run.

    If you want to see the complete installation, check out my posts from construction.
    Guest ·
    thank you for all your wonderful compliments on my props! and thanx for the add. :) I made my granny out of a pvc frame/ chicken wire dummy. Got the clothes at the thrift store- my favorite place to shop! LOL Then threw a mask & wig over a mannequin head. I got the chair (free- yippee! LOL ) at the thrift store. :)
    can't wait to see your fake ToTer!!! :)
    btw- love all your pumpkins! :)
    halloween71 ·
    Thanks for the pic comment.The bottles are just from everyday use.I spray painted the lids on the metal jars.I used salsa jars -spaggetti sauce jars-tequilla bottles-and the indidual wine bottles from sutter homes.The labels are in a link in the witch thread under props section.
    dept1031 ·
    sure...i ordered the liquid from a website called glowbottles.com . and i got the bottles from michales craft store . then just add a blacklight !
    CreepySpiders ·
    hi there. you left a commnt on my victim picture =) I didn't know if I could respond there so here i am.
    I got the victim 2 years ago at spirit. it was the day after and crazy busy at the store. We got so lucky that year... the manager checked us out
    and we asked if we could have him for $25...he did it! I also picked up two of those super long blacklights for $10 each. Insane and can you tell I am still excited?
    anyway... thx for the comment.
    halloweenfiend ·
    I used alginate to make a mold then cast them with a platinum silicone. It is not a cheap process but that's how I do it. My goal is to do this for a living so im doing it the "pro" way.
    Thanks for checking them out.
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