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  1. Getting full use of Empty Soul Girls

    General Halloween
    Oooooh, you had better watch out with that cultural appropriation:rolleyes: Very amusing. I like Frankie's Girl's sign idea, too.
  2. Our 2019 Halloween walk through and elevator simulator

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    Nice. The elevator is fabulous.
  3. Oh. Hi. Oh.

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    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Share photos of your outdoor decorations šŸŽƒ

    General Halloween
    Lots of serious talent. Anyone who doubts that dinosaurs belong in a Halloween display needs to check out the latest pics.
  5. Artwork

    For Sale By Merchants
    I have been working on lots of new designs. None are currently Halloween-themed, but many have a dark edge, so I thought that I would post a few here (click thumbnails to view larger) to give an idea of what is available in my shop, which sells prints, stickers, buttons, clothing (including...
  6. Graveyard Pics

    Off-Topic Stuff
  7. Morningside Halloween 2019

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    The intro to your video is phenomenal. Great costumes and acting. Looks like lots of fun.
  8. Gore-eetings

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    Hey, jimmyMM.
  9. Krampus on the Shelf

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    Pretty cool item. FYE has it for $35, which does not include shipping, unfortunately.
  10. Creepshow “Fluffy” hair sample tutorial

    Halloween Props
    Great idea and execution.
  11. Grandin Road 2019

    General Halloween
    Yeah, clear coat products can get pretty pricey. I figured I'd bring up the idea before you blew money you did not have to, especially after just spending around $200 on the witch.
  12. Grandin Road 2019

    General Halloween
    Instead of buying another product to brush on, you could spray the other into a tray and then go with it, sparing yourself all of that dreadful masking mentioned. Extreme shine would bother me as well.
  13. Gore-eetings

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    Much appreciated, BewitchedFae.
  14. Gore-eetings

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    Thank you, dane.
  15. Gore-eetings

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    Thanks, Frankie's Girl. That is another way of looking at it. I see what MasqAddikt was talking about, though. Almost fifty views at the moment and only three people including yourself have acknowledged me in any manner, which I appreciate.