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  • CobhamManor ·
    Slash ~ I agree. The "looney bin" line is a little creepy - not in a scary way, but in a creeper old man sort of way. Haha. Also, check Spirit Halloween's website for brand new videos of each prop and prop descriptions! :)
    slash ·
    that new prop from tekky that old man is cool I just dont like his phrase the looney bin sounds odd to me but he does look great and he does kinda remind me of the harvester, I wonder what Spirit Halloweens new 2012 licensed figure would be I got Scream on sale last year he is pretty cool
    Hilda ·
    I notice you are from Butler County, PA. Do I dare ask ~ Which is worse... a Zombie Invasion or the Jeep Invasion? (wink)
    Kymmm ·
    Thank you for the information on the sensor gadget at Home Depot.. or was it Lowes? lol Doesn't really matter. They both probably have it! What a great, simple way to have things go off when people walk by, or up to, a prop! I think I need a few of them!
    Thanks again!
    CobhamManor ·
    slash, I can't find a link to it (Lowe's doesn't have many of their products online), but it's very easy to find in the lighting fixtures row. It's in a white box with a green stake fixture and clear bulb on the front. (Note that a clear bulb is not included!) Then go over to the next row and find corresponding "FLOOD" bulbs - they will probably be PAR 38 bulbs.
    I think you'll find what you need...these are the most convenient and cheap spotlights I can find, and they work well. :)
    slash ·
    Hey I just saw you post on the Home Depot spot light thread. You said you found a $10 light fixture at Lowes do you have the link to it I have been looking for some spotlights/flood lights I never used them before just strobes in my haunt.
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