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  1. Immortal Masks: Pros/cons?

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    Thanks. I’ve done it for the past 5 years and it is getting more and more difficult each year as the TOT numbers are insane. I basically end up standing at the front door just passing candy from the “head”. I now have 2 heads that I rotate out to keep the candy coming for hours. The main...
  2. Immortal Masks: Pros/cons?

    General Halloween
    I want to step up my intro greeting TOT’s next year and I’m thinking of getting a mask from Immortal Mask. They are expensive though. Before I pull the tigger on a $700 mask, does anyone here have any experience with these? Pros? Cons?

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    Now. Lol.
  4. Now that the dust has settled, how many hours did you put into your Halloween scene this year?

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    I’m guessing 150 hours. I start in July with the small stuff, then it’s full on starting mid August.
  5. 2019 Halloween Lessons Learned

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    1. Rebar is your friend when anchoring props. A 4’ stick hammered 18” into the ground and then zip tied to the prop. One for each leg if necessary. 2. I will look intently into waterproofing the props for next year.
  6. ToT numbers, let's have them

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    Over 2000 methinks....not sure really of the final count. At one point the driveway was so full you could not see to go up or down it. Thankfully a Sheriff deputy comes each year to handle crowd control. It was nuts.
  7. Why? Please tell me why!

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    Thanks for the replies. Case in point. The Home Depot pirate ship is outdoor rated.....meaning the plug had a screw in type of connection. My guess on extra cost is $5 at the most. Today when I took it down the plug had blown into a water pocket and was completely submerged. I mean completely...
  8. Rain on Halloween?

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    Just as forecasted above. Rain swept thru at 4:50 and gone at 5:40. Wind and cooler air followed. Lost a few props to the wind but it was worth it. TOTs showed up in herds. I believe it was around 2000 TOTs as estimated. I’m tired.
  9. Rain on Halloween?

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    Cold front and rain expected to be gone by 6:00. If so, this is perfect as long as the props hold up during the storm. Cooler afterwards and wet pavement make for awesome fog scenes. One can hope.
  10. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween

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    Happy Halloween everyone!
  11. Why? Please tell me why!

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    Same here. I got 2 of 5 back working late last night.
  12. Why? Please tell me why!

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    Why in the world, can the manufacturers not make these animatronics outdoor rated???????? Even after adding plastic and covering all parts, I lost another 3 witches and a tombstone zombi creature today......with no rain today. Who the heck puts a tombstone indoors? It’s absurd. Add $50 to the...
  13. Rain on Halloween?

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    This will be my first Halloween with the potential for a rain out. 2000 TOTs will be sorely upset..... Still 85 degrees here and so humid. Friday weather is in the 60’s and no rain. Go figure.
  14. Rain on Halloween?

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    3” of monsoon rain today. One witch did not make it.... .......and now the forecast is rain on Thursday starting at 5:30 PM. This blows.
  15. trying to loop my AtmaFX down load of bone chillers

    Halloween Props
    ^ this Mine loop fine and I only have one file name.