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  • The Halloween Lady ·

    Hey Chaserbug, I'm just popping by to say hi and to let you know I truly don't think anyone was trying to attack you personally. I just think people were weighing with their opinions. I know from experience sometimes the written word comes off sounding different than you meant. I found out I can't do funny, I was told I sound snarky. Lol. In any event don't get discouraged, I honestly don't think anything was personal.
    Btw - on this very subject I could tell you a horror story but I am currently talking with our lawyer, so until I find out what's what I am staying mum. ;)
    bamtunebam ·
    Nice job with the 2011 haunt. Your cemetery has an excellent layout. Lots of tombstones always makes for a good graveyard.

    The photo of the spider on the roof (although blurry) appears to have been an amazing scene. I like the lighting on it.

    Any photos from 2012?
    Halloween Scream ·
    Re-posting my comment on my picture here in case you don't get a notification that I responded (not sure how that part works, exactly) :):
    Thank you for the compliment! Yes, we got lucky in that the closest street light is at the end of the cul-de-sac. I used CFL flood lights in cheap stake-stype stands for all the lighting. One of the floods is pointed at the house through the palm trees to make the creepy shadows (I'm sure it would look even better with regular trees).
    BlueFrog ·
    Glad to help. Those items always seem to sell for pretty big bucks, close to retail, and although I'm sure there are deals to be had it seems to be a caveat emptor situation.
    moony_1 ·
    thanks for having a peek at my pics :D as for the comment about snow...I live in northern alberta...We are lucky to NOT get snow on Halloween! We've already had two days of frost! :S Northern living at it's best! haha
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey Chaserbug! I know it's weird - most of the stores here seem like they're still in mid-summer mode, but a few are full-on Halloween. I bet we see things change this week, though. Love your avatar.
    Crazy Aunt Nancy ·
    Did you see the Donna for sale in the "individuals" column? A bit pricey, but he says still in the box. Also, thanks for the heads up on Grandlin Road; never shopped there. Yes, same air of enchantment as "Donna The Dead". I'm tapped for funds, so I'm stuck just looking right now. Keep up the good spirits!!
    tlc102462 ·
    I store it all in my attic and a bit in the garage. My attic is HUGE and covers the whole top of the house. We only use one side of it, so the other side is still open to more storage (i.e. MORE HALLOWEEN STUFF!!) My husband hems and haws about me getting more stuff, but when it all comes together and looks so good, then he takes all the credit!! (I usually do all the stagin of the props, I'm a stickler for detail so I get a lot of small items to place all over w/ the big stuff). I wish more Halloweeners lived by us as well - we get between 400 and 600 TOTs depending on the weather, but I wish we had a whole block of people who decorated like we do, I would just LOVE that!!! I'll keep you posted if anybody is selling their home, would love to have you here!!
    Crazy Aunt Nancy ·
    No, must have been a scam. PayPal gave me my money back. So I am attempting to build my own Donna; got the latex head, hands, LED eyes, gear motor, nightgown and gear motor. Build her frame already. Now I just have her look like a haunted girl.
    Thanks for asking. How about you. You love Donna too.
    Halloweenie1 ·
    Hi ChaserBug,

    Glad to join your friends list, Thanks! Not on alot, until late August.....I will see you around.

    Have a great day,H1

    walkingcorpse ·
    You asked if my cauldron fire was spray-foam and orange lights. Add some wiffle balls and a little black acrylic paint any place it didn't light up and you got it. The true trick for realism is to build it on thick plastic and then remove the plastic on the bottom when the foam on top is just dry enough to hold. This allows for some of the coal lights to shine down on the ground ;)
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