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  • kittyvibe ·
    Its so nice to see another local Halloween forum member. :) BobbyA is also local in Brandon, about a 10 min drive from me. He is also super sweet and informative (was an electrical engineer) and keeps me updated with the skeletons and other merchandise pops up. Ive been meaning to get him to help me with some props but dont have the money yet for the advanced stuff yet. Would be cool to do a simple make n take in Tampa, the other southern haunters are a bit further north by at least an hour. Hate to drive all the way there myself. :/ maybe someday we can all get together, check each others haunts out, ect. :3 I hope I get my garage done in time, I always seem to miss some things and am running behind. What about you?
    Halloweenie1 ·
    Welcome to the Forum, CG.
    I hope your party is a blast....please join my friends list if you would like. :)

    Take care,

    P.S. please check out my albums in my profile. I have tons of party recipes & decor ideas posted. And skim through my Blog too, has alot of party posts.

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