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  • Saki.Girl ·
    You need to empty your pm box lol
    No need to send godcrusher anything Beth heard from his reaper so no rescue reaper needed. Thanks :)
    scareme ·
    Did someone say candy? Well, I'm suppose to be giving it up for lent, but I suppose one piece would hurt. Ew. I like that kind too, would you mind? Oh, and those red are my favorite. Well, I'll just take the bag and be on my way. Nice talking to you.
    Saki.Girl ·
    thank you for the heads up on that never would have thought of that . there is a washer and dryer and fridge that comes with it but that is good stuff to know thank you so much
    Paint It Black ·
    Hi! Just so you know, I have all different types of Santas in my collection - both old-fashioned and newer, like a golfer and a cowboy, and I love the toymaker Santa you sent me in the Merry Reaper. He will fit right in. I was thinking the same thing about the mirror once I put it on the coffee table for a photograph. It would be a great candleholder too! You did a great job finding so many unique items that I have never seen. I feel like you really spoiled me. Thank you again.
    hallorenescene ·
    thanks for the bday wish. I had an absolutely wonderful day. and I see you are new. I see you want to do Halloween crafts, the craft thread is a good place to reside for ideas. or maybe you have already been there. well, welcome aboard.
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