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  • GobbyGruesome ·
    Yup! Got some Spooky Town stuff last nigh! And the Coffin Crisps were at the grocery store...I think there's a change in the air!
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Interview today seemed to go OK. I'm bracing to have to do a lot of 'em before I find something though.

    I think we're through the worst of the smoke. Hope the summer mellows soon. I want a fall that lasts for 9 months, and I'll give the other seasons 30 days. Sound good? Maybe I can do a kickstarter or something to get support.

    Starting to think seriously about Halloween (I think the Spooky Town stuff might be out tomorrow at Michaels!)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Holy crap! It's you! :) Meh, just going OK. Looking for work again unfortunately. But otherwise things are ok. No big plans for this year so far.

    It actually is a bit smoky here. Better today than yesterday which was nasty. Yesterday we had ash hitting the ground out our way. I can only assume you guys are strapping on oxygen tanks down your way. It's gotta be nigh-unbearable in your neck of the woods (hoping there's still some woods). Sending rainy thoughts your way.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Ugh. What a day! Good to see a friendly avatar.

    Very true - say it enough times and maybe it'll come true! HEY! Maybe you have to say it 3 times in rapid succession. Beetlejuice...
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Glad to hear you're Ok! Sadly I think the numbing dial at work goes to 11. Need to find something else. But better than digging deeper in debt.

    Summers around the corner anyway. And the garage is mostly clean. Maybe we'll get started earlier (gotta stick with smaller things we can store or toss this year.)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Hey you! :) Missed ya! Things are Ok. Work still kinda stupid, but...work! Didn't realize my birthday was still floating around on here.

    How have you been? It's been waaaay too long. :)
    GobbyGruesome ·
    I hear you. That's painful. With us it's mostly time that's the problem. Lots of social obligations. I always get hit with "should have started earlier" but I think I'm at the limit of how early I can go.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got this year. Your haunt is always awesome. We FINALLY got the organ out in the yard...done-ish. Still so much to do.

    Been a weird year though. Almost no one on the street, nobody slowing down as they drive by. Forums are dead. No clue what our traffic will be like Monday.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    The Pringles weren't super cheap at Amazon - but we like buying the little cans rather than the snack packs...ever since I was a kid I always felt like the little containers are almost like toys themselves (probably just me being weird.) They're hard to find though especially in flavours other than regular. Amazon had regular, sour cream and onion and BBQ. Seemed to arrive ok.

    Some crazy prices on Amazon too...some like 4 times the going rate. We were pricing out Kinder Eggs there too and I don't think anyone is selling them for less than double the price you find in stores.

    I always still had candy at Easter at which point my mom would usually toss it. I alway ate the good stuff the first week and then just kind of forgot about it.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Dude! You pulled a Tom! Totally posted on your own wall! *Nelson Laugh*

    We have just the opposite problem around here. We're lucky if we get a week of fall. Our leaves are almost gone from our crabapple tree (and the remaining apples are lying in wait.)

    You know we always competed to see who could get the most candy when we were little. I remember hurdling over bushes and small children to get to the next house first. I think I only ever ate about half of it though. It was more about the thrill of the hunt and bragging rights.

    We actually ordered Pringles from Amazon this year. Could be chip dust by the time it gets here but we thought we'd give it a shot.
    Candee ·
    Should have asked to have them blow the leaves your way. What I miss about fall, actual fall with leaves. Not often when Halloween rolls around that the leaves are falling. Stubborn buggers hold on till late November. Least the dry summer conditions caused some of the leaves to die/fall off. (along with the branches and trees)

    In the end....it is the candy that counts. When I was young, was vying for the kid with the most candy wins title. Now...I just look like the kid who ate the most candy.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    You go girl! (That's a thing, right?)

    i've seen one house with some inflatables set up. Nothing in our area yet. Guy next door had his leaf blower out today. Leave the leaves! I LIKE the leaves. They'll be gone soon enough.

    Only thing about my brilliant idea is we don't have a truck and November 1st we'd need to put away the Halloween, get rid of all the hedge, AND get rid of all the candy. I think I can likely only handle that last one.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    I don't know about the space thing. I don't think I should have a yard that's just solid props, but it feels like there should be something there. It's one reason I like the tombstones. But I feel like we need plants or boulders or something in between. Tempted to cut the hedge in the back down further and just scatter bundles of branches around the yard.

    I feel like we're missing something scale-wise to. Everything seems really...balanced or something. Just too well spaced. I don't know if I'll ever figure it out.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Yeah, you definitely pay a price when you don't put things away nicely the year before. So tough to get going. I'm hoping we'll have a few minutes to go through some of our stuff and get rid of a bit of it. So much that just doesn't work for us anymore (none of it anything a serious haunter would want.)

    We're in a weird space this year for retail - just don't seem to be on the kind of shopping quests we usually are. Micheal's seemed OK. Canadian Tire seemed to have less but they had more animatronics type things I think. Home Depot around here hasn't had much even though they seem to have tons in the US. Haven't made the trip to Walmart...kinda dread that. Shoppers used to be a goto place for us but they've had nothing the last few years. And Spirit..I don't know, the stores seem to look good but nothing really grabbing us.

    The "competition" around the corner has left a skull wall hanging on their front fence all year round. They also redid the fence at the side of their house. I'm wondering if they might do some kind of maze walk through. But no, no one has any decorations up yet aside from that. It's weird because I don't think we've ever gotten started this early so it feels like mid-October already. Not a lot of time left to work on things now that I'm working again. Motivation when there's no time. Time when there's no motivation.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    I was really hoping you were setting up your whole haunt in seconds. The was the trick I was looking for. :D

    Here's the thread for Mr. Chickens tombstone projections. A little pricey in Canadian dollars but he's been crazy helpful around here for years, so I don't feel too bad about it. We're gonna use our little WindowsFX projector my wife got me last year for my birthday. I don't know if it would be easier to set up or not. Hope to make the blank tombstone for it this week.

    We've actually got an office projector as well and were thinking about doing the pumpkins, so let me know if you have any tips.

    My lifelong trust issues ensured that I never went near the teeter totter.Never rolled that dice. Sounds like it may have left some scars for you tho. (I won't ask where.)

    I always feel like, no matter what we do, the yard always looks kind of empty. I feel like we need stuff in between the things. No idea what though. Solution would probably be to do some landscaping so the yard was a little more interesting year round, but I doubt that'll ever happen.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Well mostly I'm just glad to see a friendly face around here. Usually I have people stopping by to say hello but I'm mostly just whistling in the dark this year, with a few exceptions.

    We're off to a decent start although we don't have a grand plan really. Working on building a pipe organ for a Phantom of the Opera display (we've got a nice Lon Chaney mask). We've put in a fair bit of work on it but I think it could go south pretty quick with my building skills. I bought one of the tombstone projections from Mr. Chicken here on the forums and we're gonna try to add that to the graveyard. We've made the tiny tombstone you saw before. I've got a wiper motor I want to do something with. Maybe a teeter totter for our skeletons?

    Y'ever hear that phrase "your eyes are bigger than your stomach?" Like that except for our yard this year. But my wife is really bothered that things have been too similar for too long.

    Glad you got a new place to store stuff. Rat-free, I hope. Almost every year for us winds up being a "go through and fix things" type year, but sometimes we end up surprising ourselves. And sometimes little fixes make a big difference. And I'm happy you're excited about Halloween regardless. That's half the battle.
    GobbyGruesome ·
    Yeah, the ads I'm getting are all over the map. I've got an add blocker but usually left it shut off for HF. But the ads are so annoying.Things seem so slow around here lately and I'm sure they aren't helping.

    How you doing? You got any Halloween underway?
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