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  1. Other candle making

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  2. Other candle making

    Halloween Crafts
    Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone on here is in to making candles. I have been doing a lot of research and reading up on the subject. I was wondering if anyone here had or new of any good resources of information and if you new of the best place to get supplies that you have...
  3. Jeepers Creepers Costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Great job!!!
  4. Other cutest witches cauldron...

    Halloween Crafts
    Check out this video on making a little witches cauldron. I made one today but I dont have a picture yet.... and mine is a little different. I didn't realize I had bought a larger cauldron than hers, so mine took more balls than hers. But I love it, for my purpose I glad it is larger. Hope...
  5. Papercraft Look at these old book invitations...

    Halloween Crafts
    Yeah me too...they are very realistic and professionally done! This will be a project I will try for next year! Thanks for your help! Crystal
  6. Papercraft Look at these old book invitations...

    Halloween Crafts
    Happy day everyone! I am hoping someone could help me with these book invitations. http://magpiemeadowhandmade.blogspot.com/2009/09/seasons-greetings.html She says she found an image online for the book cover... but how do you search for a book cover image with the spine as a downlaodable...
  7. Static: Weeping lady

    Halloween Props
    This is cool as crap!!!!
  8. Electronic/Software: Looking for a decent price on a Gemmy Witch w/ Fogging Cauldron

    Halloween Props
    Kmart had them last year for 110.00 I havent looked on their site this year though. They have free shipping to store.
  9. Adding a step mat trigger to your props

    Halloween Props
    Hey thanks for the tutorial. The link for your website goes to page not found. I would love to see your other tutorials, could you check the link. thanks
  10. Other Halloween Wreath

    Halloween Crafts
    I am also working on one also!!! All of these wreaths are beautiful!!! Lets see some more wreaths!!!
  11. Smoking Cauldron

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    That is super super awesome! I love it!!!
  12. Other: How to burn movie segments onto one DVD?

    Halloween Props
    Kingschaff: I just now got to watch your youtube videos!! Could you be me but only in male form? ..hahahahaha I would be willing to buy a copy of those from you!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!! Your videos are absolutely great halloween entertainment!! You put that together perfectly!!! And great...
  13. Other: How to burn movie segments onto one DVD?

    Halloween Props
    Thanks everyone for the replies. Forgive me for being dumb when it comes to this topic but I have never did this before. All the abbrev. make no sense to me. I have no idea how to start. So many people say so many different things and use many different products to do this. Kingschaff: I...
  14. Other: How to burn movie segments onto one DVD?

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, Does anyone have info on how to only burn certain segments of a DVD onto one DVD? The reason I am asking if this can be done is because DVD's are copyrighted and I didn't know if I could just copy certain segments onto my computer and then burn them to one DVD. My idea is...
  15. Looking for thread on makeover gemmy witch...

    Hey yall.. I read a thread on here last year about someone doing a makeover on an animated witch.. ( she is the one with the black dress on that has purple/pink shiny lace on it and stirs the cauldron. I have tried all different ways to search for it.. if anyone knows what I am talking about...