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  1. So far behind. 1st props finally out.

    General Halloween
    here are the first pics of 2010. So far behind... We try to do scenes around our inflatables. This is "kitty dining". Simple but I thought kinda cool. A long view of what went up today. There is also a partly painted carnival "come inside" wall that isnt in these pics because it went up...
  2. Prop Showcase: Your Neighbors & Your Outdoor Haunts

    Halloween Props
    For me it's a about the kids and the adults who love the holiday. I can't be bothered to second guess what the neighbors think since most of them don't... I do this for me and the joy of doing it. Feedback here has been mixed. Some love it. Some wave as I'm setting up and stop to chat, some slow...
  3. Im official..Los Angeles

    Member Introduction
    You sound like you've been one of us for a long time. Long before you found this place. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Edgar Allan Poe theme party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    What you came up with and incorporated looks awesome. I'm going to do a Poe party for my haunt helpers next year. Nice work. cait
  5. Lots of skulls from liquid plastic and foam

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    That is some awesome work. You can never have enough skulls! These are some that I'm working on right now. About 20 peices. This isn't everything, just whats currently on the dining room table. (Wife wants her food table back!!!) These are all paper mache' and aluminum foil without the paper...
  6. Quick Great Stuff question...

    Halloween Props
    If you are making small things and you have a large tub/ bucket, old kiddie pool or something like this that you can soak your item in, then you can use newspaper and remove it in warm water. Hardened great stuff is waterproof. The Black great stuff (not can, stuff) is outdoor water sealant that...
  7. Static: best tools for carving great stuff foam

    Halloween Props
    Just remember that great stuff contains iso-cyanate (SP) so dust is very BAD! In solid form it's considered home safe but aerosolised it's potentially dangerous. Having said tha, I dremel, using the mini skill saw attachment and various other attachments. I also use dust masks or a respirator...
  8. What are YOU going to be ?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    very cool. How many other Marx brothers are going with you...? Lol. I have to wonder though... how many people are going to get it. Or do you mean the OTHER captain spaulding? Either way. Way cool. Cait
  9. Other: CREEPYCATHY'S HAUNT...so far

    Halloween Props
    It just occured to me... CreepyCathy DOES DO WINDOWS!!! I wonder what she'd charge to come do mine? C.
  10. Fog: Chauvet Hurricane 1300 Timer

    Halloween Props
    Got a chance to test mine last night. It worked great. Sent fog out of the yard, up the hill and over.... lol. Timer worked bur the machine is a bit "clicky". But it did perform without a problem. When they say CONTINUOUS they really do mean it!!!! For the ammount of fog fired it didn't seem...
  11. Fog: Chauvet Hurricane 1300 Timer

    Halloween Props
    I just got mine today and this thread has me very worried that maybe I made a mistake. Hopefully mine will not display this behavior. I haven't bought fog juice yet and won't use the cheap crap I've used in the past in my cheapo's so have no way to test till this weekend unless things change...
  12. Other: CREEPYCATHY'S HAUNT...so far

    Halloween Props
    I check back every day to see your latest. Great work. Oh by the way, I too have an old kiddie bike. Gonna borrow that idea for sure. So glad I keep forgetting to take it to the dump.
  13. Are they talking about us?

    General Halloween
    This person has an underlying agenda. Ignore their inane rantings. I have but one regret... I'M NOT HIS NEIGHBOR!!! I'd start in MAY...lol.
  14. Wow, their others some what like myself!

    Member Introduction
    You're gonna love it here!!! Welcome to the forum. Cait
  15. Other: CREEPYCATHY'S HAUNT...so far

    Halloween Props
    The windows as others have indicated are perfect! Your neighborhood association must be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with what you've done for property values...lol. I bet 3 local real estate agents have killedthemselves after driving by your house...lol. I hope I can create half as creepy and rundown a...