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  • juliaghoulia ·
    Love your Creature! I was at the show- can't believe I missed him! I live in St. Augustine - nice to see some other north Florida people!
    Beatlejuice ·
    They are both great but I really love the Creature. I've done a number of the classic Universal Monsters and the Creature is still on my short list. Did you make the suit? It looks like it might be on a mannequin. I'd love to pick your brain on the creation of the suit (for next year of course!). Best regards and Happy Halloween.
    walkingcorpse ·
    I grew up living in the flight path of the Moffett P3s. In the 70s you could tell a P3 was inbound when the MAD boom started bouncing the TV signal. When the air wing moved in the 90s they shut the doors to Hangar One and it always kinda felt like something familiar was missing. Good Times.
    Gatordave ·
    Bruzilla - thanks for the tip on Kolchak! Didn't realize there were two movies. Just a classic 70's show. Hard to believe he was later in Christmas Story. I will have to look for the DVDs.
    thathalloweenguy ·
    Saw your post and thought that I would visit. Welcome to the seeming newbee, Sorry I am unable to get more from your site. You are obviously not new to haunting!! Keep up the great work . I'll be watching.
    Bruzilla ·
    We're going to e tearing him down to redo the wings, so I'll take pics and make a tutorial. The mask and hat come from a company called Makeup & Monsters that's run by Brian Penikas, who's the lead makeup artist for Jeepers Creepers. The hands are halloween costume hands from some villian from the Harry Potter movies.
    slash ·
    I like your jeepers creepers prop will you make a tutorial step by step on him and post it on this forum would love to know how to make him where did you get his masks and hands is there a website where you can buy them?
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