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  • Herman Secret ·
    Hiya, I am working on some lighting for my haunt this year, and was hoping you could give me some details on the LED spots that you used for yours. Should have made notes when we were talking abaout them at the convention :(
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Well - I just tried my own instructions -and they didn't work for me after all! Sheesh! You may want to contact the moderators and see if they can shed light on how to post pics in a thread. I am baffled. What used to work for me no longer does - but then that seems to be the story of my life as I get older! LOL ;)
    Marie Roget ·
    Hey, no worries- I've been on HF about the same amount of time & am also still figuring things out re: messaging etc. Glad you put Lafitte pic as your avatar- it's such a great concept for a tombstone, watch other versions/variations start popping up around here for '11 haunts!
    HallowSusieBoo ·
    Hallow bootooyou! Saw your "photo breakdown" posting on the one of the threads so thought I might come to the rescue - hopefully anyway.

    Here goes: Open up your User/CP area and on the left side listing - click on Pictures and Albums. Next, click on the album photo you want to share. The BB code (the one that starts with IMG) is the one you want to swipe and copy (NOT the URL http one) , then paste into your thread responses or elsewhere when you are sharing on HF. Hope this helps. Otherwise - check with a moderator for better insturctions. I am still a bit of a novice and can appreciate your frustation! BOO!
    bootoyou ·
    Hey Terry, have to admit that I already knew that, been stocking you a little, but just enough to keep up on what your doing with the show, hahahaha. Yah it's going to be a great time, can't wait, coming up with some new prop ideas and I'm sure to have a lot more after the show.
    Herman Secret ·
    Hi Denny, look forward to seeing you at the WCHC. I will be doing a presentation on home haunter tips and tricks this year, sharing some of my ideas. As well as this I have my own booth and will be displaying some of the props I have made., I'm also thinking of doing some real time demos. Really looking forward to sharing ideas with other haunters :D

    Can't wait to see what you have to share


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