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  • hallorenescene ·
    hey, thanks for the wonderful gifts. i hear you had trouble with some flamingos. sorry to hear that. but, i want to tell you everything you sent was awesome. if you did the flower/chest arrangement, I LOVED IT. you have an arrangement knack. bethie said you might post a picture of how the arrangement was supposed to be set up. i do love it the way it is. but if you ever feel like posting a picture of the supposed to be look, i would be glad to look at it. well. hope you have a merry xmas, and again.....Thanks
    yoreapaer ·
    So. I see you, but you don't see me. This is gonna be fun. Oh, dear victim, Part of your spooky prize is on its way to me. After some time and massaging (or beating it with a hammer), it'll be glued to something else. Oh the torture of anticipation!
    booswife02 ·
    Matrixmom I am behind on posting on my thread! I'm going to post everything with descriptions of course. The spinner I got is for a disco ball. I haven't tried it yet but hope to soon. I'll take a video. Thank you so much for your support!!
    matrixmom ·
    I am so loving your thread!! Such great ideas. And I know what you mean our peeps here on the forum keep you going on the rush of ideas! Who needs drugs i say....:D Anywho- do you have a pic yet of the playing cards on one of those spinners? Im doing one for my circus theme and just want to see how you laid it out and frankly not sure what spinners people are talking about!
    themeparkman ·
    hello im neil im from England im a theme expert in England I want to own an attraction ive some pieces but I want to know how americans do it as Halloween isn't as big over here so hope youll get to know and tell me
    Hilda ·
    I'm back again. YOU, my dear, knock it out of the park.
    I can look at your albums over and over. You can tell how much time you pay to the details and layout.
    Your indoor themes are magnificent. You have a great eye!
    punkineater ·
    I'm not sure how I missed your photo postings~everything looked GREAT! Wonderful details..it was a treat to look through:D
    booswife02 ·
    I know Hilda. It's just awesome what great things Home Goods has! I spent $140 there yesterday and still wanted so many other things! I'm sad you're not in love with your Grandin Road things :(
    Hilda ·
    HomeGoods is kicking GR's butt this year! I wish I had not pulled the trigger so early on the GR stuff.
    Alas, we have no HomeGoods near us. Sigh...
    StacyN ·
    Hey Boos!! I just wanted to thank you so much for posting the light up jack from Halloween Express! I just ordered one for my HH to replace the current one that he is holding in his hand. I probably never would have seen it otherwise, so THANKS!:)
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